Carpe Diem Lenormand Reading

Carpe Diem Lenormand Reading with the Under the Roses Lenormand

How can I accept freedom today?

Mice and Gentlemen – Don’t accept the influences of those that make you feel diminished. You have enough negative influences going on within you to deal with and combat… outside influences need to roll off your back like raindrops on a slicker instead of eating into you and creating wounds that refuse to heal.

How can I accept joy today?

Crossroads and Clock Tower – This is a choice that you have to make by yourself for yourself.  No one can make it for you, and no one can -do- it for you either.  It’s a gift that you can only give yourself, a choice only you can make.

How can I make the most of today?

Anchor and Child – Use grounding and your responsibilities to keep your less responsible impulses at bay today. You have a handful of things to make sure you get done today so don’t let yourself go wandering so far down the primrose path that you forget about them.


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