Idols and Role Models

Today’s meditation was skipped, as was the card of the day, sue to migraine issues.

@thetarotprofessor Self Love Challenge Prompt
Question: Find your idol or role model in the tarot. (For example: Which figure in the tarot cards do you admire the most? Which card’s energy do you find yourself trying to channel and embody most often?)


Start listing all the reasons why this tarot card/figure is your role model.

Honestly? There are so many I could choose for this exercise, but I chose the first two that came to mind. Note that the choice of these cards is very much based upon their imagery. In other decks, it would be different cards.

Why do you admire them so much?

Five of Flame (Wands) – They fight for what they want, but never take it so far that it tears apart the family unit in the process. Conflicts happen, but the connections and ties that bind remain strong.

Ten of Swords – Fierce and wild, she survives against all odds.  The storm may take her to her knees, and yet she will charge forward still, screaming in the face of defeat and never giving up.

Why do you want to be like them?

Five of Flame (Wands) –  I like the idea that our individuality is not detracted from even when we belong to each other as a group or a family.  I like the idea that you can fight for what you believe in, even butt heads with others of your inner circle concerning what you believe in, and still those others remain just as cherished and important to you as ever.

Ten of Swords – That fierce energy to take on every challenge as it comes, and tear through it to move forward to the next.  You may not win them all, but that survivor’s spirit to fight ever forward is a draw for me.

What personality traits does this tarot figure have?

Five of Flame (Wands) – Strong. Stubborn. Not afraid of conflict. Independent without having to be alone.  Loving with strong priorities towards what is right for them balanced with those that they love.

Ten of Swords – Fierce.  Volatile. A survivor. Determined, with a never give up attitude.

What do others think of this tarot figure?

Five of Flame (Wands) – They are aware that this figure is determined and stubborn, and yet feel safe in their presence and even when in conflict with them, because they know that the disagreement will not wreck that connection. This provides a sense of security, even in moments of chaos.

Ten of Swords – Probably a bit of annoying that they always seem to be in chaos.  And yet there’s admiration there as well, for others recognize that they have been through a lot, and yet are still going strong and just as fierce as ever.

How does this tarot figure treat their family and friends?

Five of Flame (Wands) – They support and value their family and friends, but don’t allow them the power of peer pressure and is not a people pleaser.

Ten of Swords – Possibly a bit neglectful. They’re too focused on dealing with what is right in front of them and needing dealt with, slaying the chaos and surviving… that makes everything beyond that focus more of an afterthought.

What kind of lover or partner is this tarot figure?

Five of Flame (Wands) – Possibly a bit selfish, but they won’t leave you hanging entirely.

Ten of Swords – Wild in bed.  The type of lover that wants to wring ever last drop of pleasure out of the experience and break the bed in the process.

How does this tarot figure react when threatened or insulted?

Five of Flame (Wands) – I would say that this depends on who is doing the threatening or insulting.  In general, I can see them standing tall against these experiences, and allowing what is said to slide off their back like rain off of a slicker.

Ten of Swords – Immediately going on the offensive… or walking away because it’s not worth their time.  There is no middle ground.

Read the list back to yourself slowly and meaningfully. Let the magnificence of your tarot idol wash over you.

Take a moment to realize that you too embody these qualities. The reason role models and idols and mentors resonate with us so deeply is that we see ourselves in them.

Okay. I sort of disagree with the last statement (even if it is true for the two cards I chose in this exercise).

Although I think that sometimes the above is true, I feel that far more often individuals become our idols, role models, and mentors because deep down we see the potential of who we want to become within them. Those qualities then become a part of us because of that desire as we seek to follow their example.

I agree, though, that it means all those things listed above then become a part of who we are, for in our admiration we (whether subconsciously or consciously) begin to strive to be more like them, and those qualities we admire begin to develop within ourselves.


Daily Self Kindness

I actually skipped all cardwork for today. I knew the cards I wanted to use for the exercise above and already had pictures of them to work with.  I deleted and/or removed other cardwork to another day.