Promises On the Horizon

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Alice's Alchemy Tarot - Eight of WandsToday’s draw is the Eight of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of action, speed, alacrity, and having a target goal in your sights that you are charging towards.

The colorful splay of wings as butterflies dance in the sky is a promise of what you can have if you get done what needs to be done today.  Get to work and take care of your responsibilities, then you can cut loose and have some fun this evening.

That is the message that I see in today’s cards.  It’s not so much “fly free and fun” but that the fun and freedom is there, just waiting for you on the horizon if you can get your work done in time to indulge in it.

Make sure you get your work done in time to indulge in a little care free fun.


@Lionharts #TheFebruaryTarot Queen of Cups Challenge Prompt
Questions for February 1st thru 3rd
: Ask the Queen of Cups…

Into the Void The Black Cat Tarot - Nine of Wands, Three of Wands, Hierophant, King of Wands, Ten of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, Ace of PentaclesWhat do you want to guide or help me with this month?

Ace of Pentacles – You are often hold back from seizing new positive opportunities due to your emotions (fear, feeling you are not enough, etc). This is something the Queen of Cups wants to help you to overcome this month.

In what way can following your guidance help me?

Ten of Pentacles – Following the guidance of the Queen of Cups can help you to reach new heights where your goals are concerned, especially in the areas of stability and security.

What first steps can I take toward this outcome?

Nine of Wands – Examine your boundaries, discard those not serving you and and shore up those boundaries that are. Holding on to those boundaries no longer serving you is just wasting your time and holding you back.

Three of Wands – Don’t hesitate to act. Planning is all well and good, but at some pint you have to take the first step.

King of Wands atop The Hierophant – Show’em how it’s done. Eyes are on you and people look up to you. Use this as motivation to inspire you to act, succeed, and lead.


@thetarotprofessor Self Love Challenge Prompt
: “The Ace of Cups tarot card is a beautiful reminder that the love and companionship we often seek in our lives starts from within. Filling our own cup first makes us feel more safe, confident, and worthy of opening our hearts and making connections with others.

Alice's Alchemy Tarot - The Fool, Ace of Cups, Two of CupsHow you can fill your own cup right now.

The Fool – Embrace that little bit of “extra” in yourself instead of trying to squash it. Take to heart that it’s okay to have fun.. even irresponsible fun sometimes. It’s not going to be the end of the world if you cut loose now and then, and if it inspires the birth of something new? All the better.

How you uniquely cause more love to flow into the world.

Two of Cups – Those close to you know that you love them and care about them. You might not always come out and say it with words or blatant acts, but you show them every day in your own way and they read you loud and clear.


Daily Self Kindness

As the COTD spoke of this morning when I pulled the card, I managed to get my ass in gear and get my responsibilities taken care of so that I could spend some time with Gideon this evening.