Inner Growth Lenormand Reading

Inner Growth Lenormand Reading with the LifeLine Lenormand

What seed is it time to plant?

Rider and Crossroads – It’s time to push for some decisions to be made, even if that means that you’re not quite feeling ready.  You don’t have to make the choices right this moment, but you need to be aware that they’re coming and prepare as best that you can.

How should I nourish it?

Garden and Cross – Let them see your suffering instead of trying to hide it away and keep it to yourself. Don’t gloss over the inconveniences and the struggles, instead be open about them so that those affected can better understand what you’re going through and where you’re coming from as these upcoming decisions come closer to needing dealt with.

Which weeds might be a threat to my seedling?

Heart and Birds – Gossiping within the inner circle will not help the situation or allow things to move forward smoothly. Begin subtly working on undermining the confidence of others to depend on gossip as actual fact.


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