Valentine’s Day Lenormand Reading

Valentine's Day Lenormand Reading with the Lovely Lenormand

Your current state.

Ring and Dog – Very happily committed and monogamous.

How to give love.

Birds and Mountain – Cheer those around you on as they deal with their obstacles.

How to receive love.

Broom and Mice – Quiet the cruelty to yourself that eats away at your insides so that you can more easily welcome in the love others seek to give.

How to allow more love into your life.

Heart and Clouds – Open up your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable, no matter how uncertain it may feel to do so.

Your love life in the future.

Man and Anchor – That man in your life who holds a place as your anchor and your rock is still there.

Advice for moving forward.

Bear and Letter – Fight fiercely for what matters most by telling him every day how much you love him.


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