Adventures Away From Home

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Golden Age of Romance Comics TarotToday’s draw is the Sun card, which is traditionally a representation of happiness and joy, success, fun, and taking pleasure in the little things. In the tarot, the Sun card is the awakening to light’s reassurance after the confusion and uncertainty found in the Moon card.

The imagery in today’s card reminds me of the exercise that I did after the holiday rush this year. Not the whole romanticism in the card’s imagery, but the fact that these two have stepped -away- from the world of responsibility and normal life to do something fun and different, without those influences to push guilt upon them.

The card pulled today is a reminder that it’s okay to cut loose and have a little fun sometimes… and there are times when it’s especially important to do so -away- from your day-to-day environment.


@the_mystic_star February Tarot Challenge Prompt
Questions for February 8th thru 11th

Price of Love OracleWhat card symbolizes the love I have for myself?

Know Your Worth – It is through knowing your own worth that you find the value and confidence needed to love yourself.  You have been taught you must earn love, and even in yourself there are many times when this pattern continues.

How can I increase the love I have for myself?

Detachment – Disconnect with past lessons that have devalued you in the past.  You’re seeking new ways forward and in order to invite them into your life, you have to let go of the past mistreatment.

How can I improve my relationship with myself?

Sparks – Give yourself the chance to have a bit more fun, and to do things that make you smile and spark a feeling of excitement for you. You spend far too much time serious.

How can I reduce the barriers to loving myself?

Follow Your Heart – Instead of putting up roadblocks to your happiness and the love that you can connect with in others, allow yourself to open up.  It’s okay to be vulnerable.

Advice on this topic from Amalthea.

Grief & Sadness – Take this advice to heart, even when you’re not feeling at your best.


Daily Self Kindness

This is a catch-up post, and I cannot remember what I might have done as a self-kindness for the day.

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