The Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set

The Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set

I had someone ask me the other day what the “Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set” is that I sometimes use in my readings. I figured it was something others might find interesting. So here it is!

Essentially, this is a collection of postcards, art prints, and other thank you notes that I have collected over the years from kickstarter deck campaigns, indie deck purchases, etc. It bothered me that they were all just sitting around and not being used in some way, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.

So now, I cut them all down to the same size, round the corners, and put them all together to use as a deck of cards for readings. The deck is ever-expanding as new thank you cards and prints come in.

The Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set

The box is currently just a handmade box, but I’m looking for something more permanent and fitting. I just haven’t found it yet.

I currently have about 200 of them, perhaps a bit over that now. I often use them in a type of reading that I call an “anchor card” reading, where I use the postcard as the anchor, and use connections in the imagery between the post card and the other tarot or oracle cards I pull to do the reading itself.

The Gratitude Postcards Oracle Set

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