Full Moon in Leo Lenormand Reading

Full Moon in Leo Lenormand Reading with the 1889 Lenormand Oracle

How am I being asked to step into my power?

Stars and Anchor – You can be strong and hopeful. That grounding energy that is so much a part of who you are doesn’t require you to be so serious and solemn all the time.  Hope is its own strength, and although it feels like a weakness and a vulnerability sometimes, its persistence can also be a grounding power in your life all on its own if you are willing to lean into it instead of pushing it away.

What limiting beliefs must I shed in order for this to happen?

Child and Sun – You can have fun and still be responsible.  You can allow yourself to let that inner child you spend so much time smothering have a little air, and it will make life all the better for it. You may struggle a bit to view the world through the eyes of innocence, but a bit of hope and positivity can go a long way towards lifting your spirits if you let it.

How can I show up as my most authentic self?

Man and Ring – Stick to the commitments you have set for yourself. Being dependable is one of the traits that you take the most pride in.  Not because it makes you predictable, but because it makes you someone that others can come to and trust.

How can I strengthen my resolve and activate my creativity?

Tree and Moon – Stay focused upon your emotional health right now and use your creativity to help keep you from sinking into the depression that’s trying to creep up in the shadows. In leaning into your creativity and enjoying it, it will “activate” and grow… and pull your emotional well-being up to a better place along with it.


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