Perfect Moments

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Lover's Path Tarot - Ten of CupsToday’s draw is the Ten of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of emotional satiation. This goes beyond the solitary satisfaction we see in the Nine of Cups and speaks, instead, of an emotional completion that is both healthy and includes others. For that reason, this card is often referred to as the “happy family” card.

I love the imagery on this card. It’s just so peaceful and complete to me.  The tree and the water, the figures together and the green hills.  It’s just… uniquely perfect.

Today’s message is about identifying perfect moments. Life isn’t perfect, and there’s always going to be problems and struggles, hurdles and stressors. The thing is, though?  We all have perfect moments in our lives.

Today’s card is a reminder not to take these moments for granted, but to cherish them. Treasure them and hold them close both in the moment and in your memories, so that when times are not so perfect you can pull those memories up to remind yourself that perfection does exist, and it will come again.


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2023 Challenge Prompt
Questions for February 2nd thru 4th

The Lover's Path TarotIn what moments in life do you find the most joy?

High Priestess and Two of Cups – One of the ways in which you experience joy in your life most strongly when you are able to connect on a deeper and more profound level with those that you love and care about.

How can you experience and embrace more joy in life?

When your hard work and determination (Magician) is starting to pay off (Seven of Pentacles), instead of continuing to push or begin looking for more options to expand upon your success (Seven of Cups), take time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished (Three of Cups).

What do you need to focus on for self-care for the approaching new moon?

Queen of Pentacles and Five of Cups Rx – Don’t get down on yourself about the business being slow. Instead, focus forward on nurturing it into greater health. Slumps happen, but focusing too deeply upon them can make then extend and expand rather than blowing over for better.


@thetarotprofessor Self Love Challenge Prompt
Topic : Do the Love Yourself Tarot Spread.

Love Yourself Tarot Reading with the Kei Tarot Love

I am proud of myself for…

Two of Wands and Temperance – You made the choice a few years ago to begin focusing more on balancing self-care into your journey going forward, rather than ignoring your needs or sacrificing them on the altar of your goals. You may not have perfected this, but you continue to strive in this effort and are proud of the successes that you have achieved in this area.

One unique thing I have to offer is…

Empress and Six of Swords – Your nurturing and encouragement helps others in seeking out better and healthier paths for their lives. With your help they are able to see the potential that change has to offer, and your help then encourages them to reach for it rather than shrink away.

I love myself, because…

Eight of Swords Rx and Ace of Wands – You are always seeking to see the truth and alternative perspectives of any situation. You use your inner fire of determination within you to keep this effort going no matter how bad things seem in the moment.


Daily Self Kindness

More time with Gideon.  It’s been so amazing having so much time with him lately in the evenings and I’m really enjoying it.

One thought on “Perfect Moments

  1. Every moment feels perfect with you
    Even the hard ones as they bring us closer together in the end
    Damn baby

    And yes yes yes. I am feeling so very spoiled by my time with you and yet each night I only crave more. How you can still thrill me so after so long is just…incredible. You are incredible

    I love you my beautiful one

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