Money & Finances Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “This week, let’s look at our finances. I know it can be a stressful topic, and many of us are often struggling, so let’s talk to our divination tool of choice about where we can cut back, how we can make better use of what we have, and maybe even how we can make it better (maybe it’s a good time to ask for a raise?)

Money and Finance Cartomancy Reading with the Visual Crystal Healing Playing CardsWhere can I cut back financially at this time to ease my financial stress a bit?

Two of Clubs / Serpentine –  Instead of plowing full speed ahead on every new idea you become passionate about trying, ease back and give yourself a bit more time for rest and recuperation.  Those ideas will still be there later on as long as you write them down so you don’t forget about them.

How can I make better use of what I have coming in right now?

Six of Hearts / Pearl – Make a greater effort to consciously appreciate all that you have and how fortunate you truly are, rather than always pushing yourself to reach for more.

What can I do at this time to improve my financial situation?

Queen of Clubs / Alexandrite – Don’t be lackadaisical about improving your finances. Pour your energy and determination into it.  You use this tactic to get new projects off the ground and get yourself what you want and need in other areas of your life.  It can work in this one too if you lean into it and put your energy into helping it grow and flourish.

How can I better appreciate how fortunate I am financially rather than always looking for more?

Four of Hearts / Amazonite – Meditate on what you have and find ways in which to better enjoy it instead of allowing restlessness to creep in.  It is within the stillness that you will find what you need to quell that “demon” within you that is constantly seeking more.


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