Eggs… and Chickens

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Wandering Moon Tarot - The MoonToday’s draw is the Moon card, which is traditionally a representation of uncertainty, illusion, anxiety, fear, the unknown, and the subconscious.

Okay so the moon looks like a cookie… or maybe a Ritz cracker, and the two hands look like they’re holding champagne flutes up in a toast.  What exactly are they celebrating? And, considering the theme of the card’s traditional meaning… are they celebrating too soon?

This card reminds me of that phrase, “don’t count your chickens before their hatched”.  It speaks to me of assumptions and not leaving enough room for unexpected changes, hurdles, and obstacles that might crop up along the way.

Sometimes, not knowing what’s coming keeps us alert and helps us in preparing for the unexpected that might otherwise trip us up.  This doesn’t mean expecting the worst or looking at everything in a pessimistic viewpoint, but rather simply making sure you’ve accomplished what you set out to accomplish before you start celebrating your success.


Daily Self Kindness

I ate on a timer today, and made sure that I took a few breaks throughout the day instead of keeping my head down and plowing through the whole day without stepping away from my work.

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