Connections Within Diversity

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Unfolding Path Tarot - The HierophantToday’s draw is the Hierophant card, which is traditionally a representation of tradition, spiritual guidance, long standing institutions, teachers and guides, and themes that deal with conformity and social norms.

What stands out to me the strongest in the imagery for today’s card is the scarf that this holy man wears.  It holds symbols not just from one religion, but from a great many of them, and feels like a reminder that there is no “one true way” when it comes to faith, beliefs, and traditions.

We all have our beliefs and those things that are a part of our history and tradition, and there’s a great value in that. Here in today’s card, though, what we see is a reminder that even through our differences we can connect.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for November 20th
: Do Spread 3

The Forest OracleWhat have I been taking for granted?

Enchantment – The magic of healing and comfort that comes from time spent out in nature among the trees. You haven’t gotten a lot of time out in nature this summer and fall due to circumstances beyond your control, but don’t forget the benefits you get from time in the forest and give yourself permission to seek out that connection, even through the winter months when the green is dormant and the ground is frozen.

What’s been holding me back from seeing my blessings clearly?

Heal – You have to allow yourself what you need to heal.  Time in nature, time to rest, and other self-care that will give you the restorative healing you need. Stop withholding these things from yourself as a form of punishment, and be open and receptive to them instead.

How can I better express my gratitude in the future?

Crossroads – Look at the times you have chosen to go against your nature. To hold grudges, to be unforgiving, to be unpleasant instead of kind. In the future, seek out choosing a better path. A path that is for aligned with your nature. Sometimes it can be difficult to get past those baser instincts, but when you do, you are better able to identify those things to be grateful for.

What do I need to acknowledge gratitude for in my relationships?

Abundance – Just how much you have.  How many friends you have.  How many people there are in your life that love you… that care about you, and are there for you. It is in taking these things for granted that you miss out on all that you have to be grateful for.

What do I need to acknowledge gratitude for in my finances?

Leadership – You are the master of your own castle and all that lies within it. That means you have the ability to make whatever decisions are needed, change things as you wish, and take full control of your finances and resources to move them as needed.

What do I need to acknowledge gratitude for in my work life?

Hibernation – That it’s not this busy all of the time. There are busy times, and then there are quiet times. Although the holiday rush is a crazy time of year and extremely busy, you are also given times in which to breathe, relax, and recover. You can’t sustain the holiday rush year round, so having the lulls that allow you this time for other things is important.


@The.Journey.Well ‘s Friendship & Community Challenge Prompt
Questions for November 19th and 20th

The Unfolding Path TarotHow can solitude empower you?

Two of Cups Rx atop Ace of Cups – Stepping away to have some solitude out of the influence of others gives you the opportunity to see and process your emotions without their bias guiding you. The more you experiment and experience processing emotions in this way, the more confidence in doing so you will build.

What kind of social life empowers you?

Ace of Wands and Ten of Pentacles – You are empowered by relationships that allow your creative juices to flow while supporting you with stability. You need both that freedom for your spark of inspiration, as well as that sense of stability and security.


Daily Self Kindness

I watched a movie today.  It sucked, but it helped ease my nerves a bit while I worked. It -did- slow me down a bit in my work, but not enough that I didn’t get done what I needed to for the day.

One thought on “Connections Within Diversity

  1. Even you need a little entertainment and distraction, love. Even if all you can allow yourself is a movie on while you’re working. It means that for just a few moments, you found something that helped you slow down and take a breath…even if fingers were busy the whole time.

    I love you, man
    (And that few minutes distraction today in discord actually helped my ache SO much, even if it was just for a little while, that connection in our “discussion” just brought me *home* to you in a way that usually takes alot longer. I love you)

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