Healthy Alone Time

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - The HermitToday’s draw is the Hermit card, which is traditionally a representation of alone time, introspection, self-discovery, and seeking one’s inner truth. Like all Major Arcana cards, the Hermit often deals with an overall outlook rather than any one aspect of the human experience.

Healthy alone time is a goal of mine, as I’m often tempted by self destructive tendencies that whisper lies about unhealthy alone time being just as good.   It’s not, and the keep intelligence of the wizened woman in today’s card looks on in that reminder.  Her gaze asks… is the time you spend alone healthy?  Or is it self-destructive in nature?

Always a good reminder on days when things are quiet and you can take a few minutes to yourself, yes?

The message in today’s card is a reminder to ensure that when you indulge in a bit of alone time, you make sure that you are doing so in healthy ways, and not using that alone time to feed into bad habits or unhealthy choices.


Daily Self Kindness

I chose to not pull cards today, and to pull my self-care Saturday cards tomorrow as a “catch up” instead of dealing with it today.

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