Bigger Game, Fuller Bellies

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Guardian of the Night TarotToday’s draw is the Three of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of teamwork, collaboration, and better results through combination of others skills added to a project.

What stands out to me in the imagery of this card, what stands out to me the strongest is the wolves. You see, wolves hunt in packs. They do their hunting as a community, and it is during a hunt where cooperation between wolves within a pack is most apparent. It is through this teamwork that they successfully hunt large game that feeds the entire pack.

Today’s card is a reminder that it takes teamwork to succeed, especially when you’re up against uneven odds. Through the participation of others, we can overcome those things that we would struggle with on our own.  It is a reminder to welcome others in, and allow them to help.


@The.Journey.Well ‘s Friendship & Community Challenge Prompt
Question for November 7th and 8th

Chronicles of Destiny Fortune CardsWhat area of your life gives you a sense of significance?

Conflict and Waterfall – Learning to flow within the discordance created by the struggle, strife, and woe in life.

It was once predicted through the cards that I would live a life filled with struggle, strife, and woe… and that the point of life was not these tests and trials that would come, but rather what I did with them, and what I learned from them.

I find significance in learning to grow with the lessons rather than fighting against them.

What things do you love to talk about?

The Dragon and The Dreamcatcher – My collections. My ambitions. My dreams… and sometimes even my fears.


#DiscordTarotholicsNov2022 Challenge Prompt
for November 8th: Advice I need to hear at this time concerning my personal happiness.

Guardian of the Night TarotReading Summary: Following your intuition (The High Priestess) and giving yourself the space to grow emotionally (Queen of Cups) can provide you a path toward happiness that doesn’t have to hurt (Ten of Swords Rx).

Take Away: Not everything has to be so damn difficult to hold value. Sometimes going with the flow is better.  Stop punishing yourself and foster your happiness instead.


Daily Self Kindness

I brought my cane with me today even though I wasn’t really wanting to and almost chose to leave it behind. Turns out, bringing it along was a good idea.

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