The Camel and The Straw

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Story's Doll Telling TarotToday’s draw is the Ten of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of burden, overwhelm, burnout, and unrealistic expectations or obligations.

Look at those bulging eyes and gaping mouth. The apples they wear his hats on their heads are clearly too heavy for those long and skinny necks. Instead of taking their hats off, they stand tall and struggle. The thing is, are the hats really worth the struggle?

There are lots of little inconsequential things in life that we feel obligated to carry, regardless of if they are suited to us or not. All of these little things pile up over time like a pocket change tossed into a jar until suddenly there are so many little things that their weight becomes substantial, and they then contribute to feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. And, because we see each of these little things as individuals instead of part of a bigger pile, we don’t recognize them as a problem.

Today’s card asks us what are you weighing yourself self down with that you could set aside? What are you doing for appearances only, or out of a feeling of unrealistic obligation, that is one of the very last bits of straw that the camel’s back can handle before it breaks?


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 18th

Oracle of the Great MysticsWhat do you see in technicolor?

Your Path of Light – You are always looking forward toward what you want and who you want to be, where you want your life to go. You follow your moral compass and allow it to guide you along this path. This is where your hope resides, and your optimism as well.

What do you see in black & white?

Whispering Wind – You see the present as black and white with very little chance for change in the moment. You see the past as done instead of something that can be molded into what you want it to have been.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Just as you see the future as fluid and full of opportunity, so too can your past be this way if you open up to seeing the past from other people’s perspectives instead of just your own (Goddess of Compassion). The past is only stagnant because you do not seek to explore  other viewpoints and perspectives of those that were there in the moment with you at the time. If you are open to doing this, then the past can be changed through how you see it and remember it (Meandering River).


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for September 18th
– Do Spread 3

Story's Doll Telling Tarot

Amber – Where do I need to work on my emotions to create more balance in my life?

Ace of Swords Rx – Keep an eye on your inner narrative (sword comes out of mouse’s head). How you talk to yourself is important to your emotional balance (stance of legs on mouse), and you need to keep it uplifting (clown nose) instead of allowing it to drift into negative territory.

Cedar – How can I use my present day fortitude to strengthen my future protection?

Strength Rx – Remember that there are always going to be people that will try to manipulate you (inner angle of darts toward the nutcracker). Pay attention now (eyeball-like bullseye) to those around you so that you can identify who those people are. This way, in the future when you are feeling out of touch and less aware, you will not fall victim to their machinations (music box key).

Marigold – Where should I focus on my health in order to develop a happier outlook?

Princess of Swords – The most important place you need to focus on your health for a happier outlook is in your mental health. Make sure you are not turning a deaf ear (the headphones) to positivity and optimism (figure is looking up), as you need these things to combat the sharp edges (sharp crystal jutting out of the bubbles) of your pessimism and that negative inner narrative that whispers in your head. Make sure that you are letting others help lift you up (the mice).

Lapis Lazuli – What hidden truth can self awareness bring to light in my life?

The Empress Rx – You neglect yourself and your need to connect with nature (disconnect of top of Matryoshka with solid foundation), because you feel that you are undeserving (stern expression on the matryoshka’s face).

Walnut – How can I be more discerning in picking positive friendships?

Eight of Disks – Use past experience to your advantage as you take care to keep your circle of friends small and close (trunk looks like a hunched figure wielding a tree trimmer). You don’t need a lot of friends, you need quality friends.

Sapphire – How can I best discern between logical thought and true wisdom?

Ace of Cups – Consult (two figures in the cup) your emotions to provide input (golden light coming from above), as they can help influence your perspective, even on things with a solid foundation based in logic (golden glow around the base of the cup).

Yarrow – How can I facilitate my move from a place of trauma into a place of healing?

Ten of Wands – This isn’t something that you need to burden yourself with right now (too heavy hats on skinny necks). You have more than enough already on your plate as the holiday rush approaches, adding more weight on at this time would be too much (the nutcrackers’ bulging eyes and gaping mouths).


Daily Self Kindness

I juggled work so that I could spend a bit more time playing with Gid today.  I just… really need the connection, no matter how much work I need to get done.

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