What Makes the Journey Worthwhile

Today’s meditation was skipped (again).

Cats Rule the Earth Tarot - Three of WandsToday’s draw is the Three of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of forward movement, advancing, plans set to action, and opportunity.

Sunflowers.  That’s what catches my attention in this card, and it’s an interesting choice for a card that traditionally holds a depiction of a figure looking out to sea and a whole lot of water.

Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness and joy, and what I see as the message in this card is actually an encouragement to make sure that when you begin to act on your plans that you’re heading in a direction that will include happiness and joy in the journey.

Don’t forsake how important these qualities are, or how important it is to instill these qualities in any journey you undertake in life.  They are what makes the journey worthwhile.


Mr Lionhart’s #TheSeptemberTarot Between Dusk & Dawn Prompt
Questions for September 28th thru 30th – LESSONS

Medicina de los Animales de la Cruz del SurWhat did my September journey help establish for me?

Yarará – It provided you with the rest, respite, awareness, and clarity needed to prepare for what’s ahead. It was a time of pause that is helping in getting ready for the busy season to come.

How am I invited to build upon September moving forward?

Lechuza – Turn those qualities gained through September toward helping you nurture the success you wish to achieve (as opposed to trying to force it) over the next three months.

What am I guided to graciously part with or move away from starting October 1st?

Águila – Take care that as the veil between the spirit world and ours thins, you aren’t allowing those coming through to hinder or hold you back. You have had this experience in the past, depending on who decides to come through, and it’s not something you need to add to your plate this year.


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 27th and 28th

Cats Rule the Earth Tarot and Glowwood OracleWhat is falling?

The High Priestess – The time to linger and explore the secrets of the world around you (and those within you as well) is coming to a close. This time, as it does each year, will put a good part of your intuition into a holding pattern while you deal with other more logic driven concerns and physical world matters that need your attention.

What is rising?

The Chariot – In place of your amble through what (should usually be) the unknown and the secrets that lie there, you will be swept up into the control and drive needed for the tasks ahead. You know how you want the next three months to go, and your determination and control are rising up to make sure it goes just how you want it to.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Look to those that you trust and give you a sense of home and safety (Earwig), to help in preparing for the road ahead (Limestone). You’re not in this alone, so don’t make yourself do it all alone.

Where do you feel respected?

Death – You feel expected when it comes to leading the way through change and helping others through the process. Others notice the sense of stability and support that you bring to these situations far more than you notice doing so.

Where do you feel disrespected?

Two of Cups Rx – There are times that when you don’t see eye to eye with someone, you perceive this as disrespect instead of just a difference of opinion or a differing perspective. This is usually tied into how the differing opinion is presented to you.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Be an inspiration to yourself and others (Snow Lichen) by rising above miscommunication and struggles to understand (The Hornbeam). Work at staying aware of the fact that people look to you for guidance and a sense of strength and stability, even when you aren’t aware it’s happening.


Daily Self Kindness

I really didn’t want to get up and go check, but when Gid asked me to go make sure I hadn’t missed any doses of my meds, I went and did it anyway.  (This seems like a stupid self-kindness, but there was some real inner resistance there for some reason.)

Weekly Creativity Prompt – Relating and Relations

Prompt:  Shuffle your deck of choice, then pull out every ninth card. Of the eight cards now sitting in front of you, which card do you relate to most strongly and why? Of the seven cards now left sitting in front of you, which card do you relate to the least and why?
Extra Credit
: There are now six cards left. Assign a real person in your life, a fictional character, a movie, a book, or a song to each of these six cards and then tell us why you made the choice you did for each.

Cirque du TarotCard I Relate to Most StronglyAce of Wands – So much inspiration and so little time. There are so many things I want to learn and explore, but there’s never enough time.  Every single day, more new ideas and new interests stir to live inside my mind and heart, and I want to explore every single one of them.  Picking and choosing between them is hard when they all old so much potential value either monetarily, or through the pure enjoyment of discovery and exploration.

Card I Relate to the LeastThe Fool – I am too cautious a thinker to relate well to this card.  Although I often move at lightning speed to seize opportunity or get things done, there is no carefree abandon in this speed. Instead it is controlled precision. Tossing all cares to the wind and being carefree and innocent just doesn’t feel like it is a part of my nature.  In fact, about the only time it ever happens is when I’m playing in the liminal spaces within the rainforests here in the PacificNW.

The Empress – I often think of Z when I see this card. As my mentor growing up and throughout my adult life, she has often held the place of nurturer in my life.  Sometimes The Empress and nearly always The High Priestess… it turns out that it’s her mother that has stolen the Empress role from her of late.  Now they seem to somehow share this role together in my mind.

Two of Wands – This card made me think of the second episode of the Rings of Power on Amazon Prime. It’s all about direction, planning, and the course of actions we plan to take in our lives.

Seven of Wands – Drive by Incubus

Three of Wands – Time to Pretend by MGMT

Two of Cups – It is the timeless friendship between Morpheus and Hobs in the series The Sandman on Netflix that this card reminds me of. An immortalized human and the god of dreams strike up an unusual friendship by meeting once every century at the same tavern again and again.  It’s an unlikely friendship, and yet it shows how such relationships can grow from just the seed of companionship between two people.

Four of Wands – At the end of Ambrose Ibsen’s book “The House of Long Shadows” the main character, possessed by a myriad of spirits, is walled up into the home he had been renovating in order to keep all those entities trapped within that place.  The book then takes a look at the man’s spirit life afterward, and how the tree he’d thought smelled so disgusting all this time throughout the book now smells sweet and “like home”.  He found peace in the house, even if it was after the horror of how he died, and the scent of the callery pear tree now is a celebration of that peace and home he’s found.