A Cushioned Landing

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Cirque du Tarot - The FoolToday’s draw is the Fool card, which is traditionally a representation of innocence, enthusiasm, newness and fresh starts, carefree outlooks, and spontaneity.

People often associate the Fool with being “foolish”, but sometimes it’s not about being foolish at all, but about seeing things from a new and fresh perspective and diving in to that perspective wholeheartedly.

Just as alcohol cushions a drunkard from injury in a fall, so too can optimistic enthusiasm cushion “The Fool” when he leaps before he looks.

Where in your life could use a bit more optimistic enthusiasm?  Where do you need to look up and not listen to the naysayers, but instead try anyway… just to see what happens? In what endeavor could that optimistic enthusiasm cushion your own stumbles and falls?  Today’s card is a reminder that sometimes when you pour on a bit of optimistic enthusiasm you can carry that sentiment right on past the failures and roadblocks, breezing by them without a care in the world.


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Questions for September 13th

Trionfi Tarot and Tree Whisperer Oracle The Secret GardenThe ProblemThe Tower and Resilience – It can be hard to remember in the middle of chaos and deconstruction that everything will sort itself out in the end, and to trust in our strength and resilience to get us through.

The Lesson to LearnDeath and Imagination – Allow yourself to be open to changes and receptive to what could develop in their wake. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination.

Advice to Help You ThroughThe Empress atop Page of Cups, Wounds – Don’t allow your reaction to changes to end up causing you to become less caring and nurturing for yourself and your needs. Doing so will only create more wounds that will need to be healed further on in life, and hold you back from appreciating the boon that these changes hold for you.


Mr Lionhart’s #TheSeptemberTarot Between Dusk & Dawn Prompt
Questions for September 13th thru 15th – NURTURE

Cirque du Tarot - The Fool, The Hierophant, Wheel of Fortune, The Empress, Eight of WandsWhat have I been putting off that could be good for me?

Wheel of Fortune – Confronting the unpredictability in your life and doing what you can to mitigate predictable problems that arise as things change and cycles shift. In other words, you need to start working on your holiday prep.

What is taking up my subconscious mind at the moment?

Eight of Wands – You are feeling rushed and spinning your wheels at the same time. Keep in mind that this can quickly lead to overwhelm if you’re not careful.

How is this affecting me?

The Empress Rx – You are so wrapped up in that discomfort that comes with spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere while pushing for progress, that you aren’t taking the time to take care of yourself as you should.

What {part of me} am I guided to lovingly heal or nurture?

The Fool – Your inner child and your ability to see the world through an innocent’s eyes needs a little TLC.

Where should I start?

The Hierophant – Tried and true methods that you know will work through not just your own explorations, but the practices of generations that came before you. Things like meditation, healthy eating, exercise, etc.


Daily Self Kindness

I was honest with Gideon about my pain levels instead of trying to hide them from him.

Typewriter Lenormand Reading

Typewriter Lenormand Reading with the Brune Lenormand

What needs expressing?

Mice and Birds – You need to actually talk with those you love about your worries and concerns instead of keeping them to yourself and allowing them to eat you up inside.

How to be deliberate with my words?

Book and Letter – Speak from a place of knowledge, and make sure that you are confirming your sources before you use them.

When to make some noise?

Heart and Bouquet – Speak up when your heart tells you to, and when what you have to say can be a boon to others. Share with those you know will care about what you have to say.