Security and Control

Today’s meditation was skipped.  Well, I did it, but it was sort of dawdled through instead of a full meditation.

The Slow Tarot - Four of CoinsToday’s draw is the Four of Coins, which is traditionally a representation of seeking or clinging to stability, often in the form of finances and resources. It is a card that is about stability and control, and can often be interpreted as an indication of miserly urges or behavior.

The card for today encourages us to reflect on how we view security, and what we work to keep within our control. Perhaps it’s time to take a bit of time to consider…. Where are you going a little too far in your own pursuit of stability? Where are you being inflexible where adaptability and flexibility would serve you better?


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 1st and 2nd

Rebirth Tarot and The Hush TarotWhat needs quieting?

Seven of Pentacles – Quiet your impatience. Some things need to happen in their own time. Pushing in these instances won’t speed anything up, but will only create more unneeded stress and anxiety.

What needs amplification?

Ace of Cups – Instead of trying to control or smother your emotions as they arise, you need to remember to allow them the space that they need to flow freely.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Developing patience with yourself is one of those things you have to be open to in order to accomplish (Left Top Hush Card). It can’t be done if you’re not willing to look at yourself and your motivations clearly and without guile (Top Center Hush Card), which requires help from those around you no matter how determined you are or how much you think you can do on your own (Top Right Hush Card).

Where have you been multitasking?

The Empress – Instead of giving yourself and your self-care needs the undivided focus that is needed, you have been trying to do too much other stuff and “fit in” the self-care as well. You need to actually make space for that self-care instead of just trying to insert it wherever is convenient.

What wants your full attention?

The Tower – The time for tearing down the old and rebuilding better has come to the end in one area, and sprung to life in the other. Don’t allow complacency and avoidance to create an untenable situation. Instead, get going on the changes needed and you can get a jump on the approaching chaos.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself (Bottom Left Hush Card). You have a whole community of people who love you, want to help, and are ready to come together to make things run more smoothly (Bottom Center Hush Card). Plan ahead. Look forward at what needs to be done so that you can plan to get a head start on these things instead of letting them creep up on you and take you by surprise (Bottom Right Hush Card).

Rebirth Tarot and The Hush TarotBonus Cards
The Magician and the Three Birds

Waste not want not, as the saying goes. Make sure you are not letting things go to waste that you can use to further your own goals. Just because something has been discarded by someone else, doesn’t mean that it won’t be absolutely perfect for your own needs.

They say one man’s trash is another’s treasure, after all, and this is important to keep in mind as you step into the season ahead.  Look around for those things that can be reused and repurposed instead of letting them fall to the side and into obscurity.


To Cull & Gather #VennoxesTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for September 1st thru 5th – TO BANISH

The Slow Tarot - Four of Coins, Page of Cups, The Moon, The World, Seven of Cups, The Empress, Four of CupsWhat aspect of myself am I denying?

Four of Cups – Your need for solitude and meditation is being pushed into a corner at the moment. You have not been getting enough time in nature out among trees, and especially not enough time frolicking through the liminal spaces there in the forest’s sunlight and shadows. This is understandable since you can’t go alone right now, and having someone else there is a hindrance to the freedom and alone time you need in order to play with your Fae friends freely.

What illusions of myself is clouding my judgment?

The World – You still have a lot further to go on your journey than you think, and that journey is going to go beyond this lifetime and into the next. Your willful ignorance of this fact holds you back from taking your time along life’s path, as you choose instead to rush and push when you don’t need to.

What can I learn from this aspect?

Seven of Cups and The Empress – You can learn how to better pick and choose your battles, and treat yourself more kindly along the way. If you don’t have to rush, then there’s plenty of time to take care of yourself and to explore things one at a time, instead of trying to rush through them quickly so that you can experience them all.

Why am I afraid of this part of myself?

Four of Coins – You’ve been conditioned to feel that stability requires sacrifice, and that one of the greatest sacrifices you can give is your time, which then further sacrifices your self-care as well.

How do I leave it behind?

The Moon and Page of Cups – Use that never-ending imagination and creative spark of yours to lift yourself up out of those times of uncertainty you find yourself in, instead of believing that you must sacrifice everything for that stability that you crave.


Daily Self Kindness

I took some time to relax and dawdle under the ceiling fan on the bed for a bit today.  It was nice and relaxing, and I got a bit of extra stretching in at the same time.