Stick a Fork In Me

Today’s meditation was skipped (again).

Autumn Miss TarotToday’s draw is the Ten of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of painful endings, closure, the end of a harsh and difficult journey, and in some instances, severe injury.

No blood (red drape aside)… he’s just done. He’s done. As in “stick a fork in me, I’m done” except in this case it’s swords.

This is the second day in a row I’ve pulled the Ten of Swords for my card of the day, and as a budding stalker in my life, this card asks… suggests… perhaps even demands that we examine those places in our lives where we are pushing ourselves too hard. Root them out, and accept that it’s time to take a break in those areas.

(This message is then conveniently reinforced by the fact that when I was putting this card back into the deck, the Four of Swords fell out, which is all about rest, recuperation, and recovery.)


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for September 19th and 20th

Untamed Mystery Tarot Illusion Edition and Messenger CardsWhat lessons can Libra season (begins on the 22nd) teach you this year?

Deal with moments of misfortune (Wheel of Fortune) “like a boss” (King of Swords),and you will come out the other side happy with the results (The Sun).

StopJaguar and Hummingbird – Crowding yourself in and limiting your potential.  Your growth and the connection you share with the world around you and all that is within it is being smothered by your self-neglect and destructive tendencies.

Start – Raven’s Dream – You have a great deal of potential to explore within yourself, and can sore if you allow yourself the room to spread your wings.  Only when you give yourself the room to grow can you fully stretch into that space and connect with the growth eager to be activated within you.

ContinueBear and Raven – Continue to seek to understand yourself better and explore those deeper parts of yourself. Continue to cut loose the chaff in your life and clear away that which no longer works for you by getting in touch with yourself and the truths held deep within you about who you are and who you want to become.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for September 19th thru 22nd

Autumn Miss Tarot and Bad Girl TarotHow do I choose hope over fear?

Ace of Pentacles– By seizing opportunities when they arise, you will always be able to choose hope over fear, for pursuing one’s dreams and being open to opportunity is one of the greatest demonstrations of hope thriving within us all.

How can I put myself first?

Two of Swords – Putting yourself first is a conscious choice and takes decisive action. When you dither on it, you fall to the default of self-neglect.

Can I accept myself – even my faults?

Page of Cups – Find joy and take pleasure in your imagination and curiosity. In doing so you will find acceptance of all parts of who you are. Just remember this is a learning process for you.

Do I feel I deserve…

LoveThe Devil Rx – Not of the healthy variety.

CompassionEight of Cups – Clearly not. You expect people to turn their backs and walk away.

EmpathyThe Hierophant – No. Instead you expect to need to teach others this quality, usually by example.

Take Away – Honestly? I’m a self-destructive pessimist with an aggressive negative inner narrative. I almost always expect the worst when it comes to what I might receive from others in these areas… and then am pleasantly surprised (and sometimes also confused) when I get something good instead.


Daily Self Kindness

I took the card’s advice and only did easy stuff today instead of pushing to get the harder things done.  I was just too tired.

Coffee Cup Lenormand Reading

Coffee Cup Lenormand Reading with the Eastern Ink Lenormand

What do you have a good grip on?

Clover and Stars – You have a good handle on your success and progress, and you have your eye on the prize.  Between determination and a large dose of positive expectations, you have this well in hand.

What should you fill up on?

Dog and Ring – Make sure that those you hold near and dear know just how much you cherish them and just how important they are to you, and that you take the time to truly enjoy and “fill up on” their love as well.

What is sitting that needs to be poured out?

Whip and Cross – There are things from your past that continue to pollute your present.  Wounds that need poured out and released, let go of and set free.  It can be hard to get to that point, but each day can be a step closer to getting there.