Coffee Cup Lenormand Reading

Coffee Cup Lenormand Reading with the Eastern Ink Lenormand

What do you have a good grip on?

Clover and Stars – You have a good handle on your success and progress, and you have your eye on the prize.  Between determination and a large dose of positive expectations, you have this well in hand.

What should you fill up on?

Dog and Ring – Make sure that those you hold near and dear know just how much you cherish them and just how important they are to you, and that you take the time to truly enjoy and “fill up on” their love as well.

What is sitting that needs to be poured out?

Whip and Cross – There are things from your past that continue to pollute your present.  Wounds that need poured out and released, let go of and set free.  It can be hard to get to that point, but each day can be a step closer to getting there.


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