Don’t Be Shy

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Untamed Mystery Tarot Illusion EditionToday’s draw is the Page of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s emotions, relationships, imagination, creativity, and intuition. This often translates into themes that have to do with exploring new creative endeavors, letting your imagination free to wander, and revisiting emotions and relationships for further exploration and consideration.

In this card, the brain in the cup corresponds to the pattern of markings on the top of the fish’s head as he winds around the cup’s stem and finds an eye peering out at him from the foliage.

Sometimes when we are so deep in our own pursuits we forget there are others around us… and sometimes we are far too aware. Today’s card is a reminder that we can’t know what others are thinking when they look at us. Don’t stifle your imagination and creativity just because you fear what others might think if they were to see you or are watching.


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 14th thru 16th

Broken Mirror Tarot Marseille Edition and Mission du Vie w/ ExpansionWhat do you believe to be true?

Temperance – You believe that moderation really can work for you if you let it. You struggle a lot with instilling moderation in your life. In your interests and hobbies, in your work. In your physical demands and pain management. In so many areas, you push too hard and too fast. But you know there is another way and believe in it… even if you struggle to implement it in your life.

What may be false?

The Tower – That every change is going to be a huge ordeal or a catastrophe. It might feel that way, but it’s not true.

Finding Balance Between the TwoLe Communicant / Semaine Prochaine – Don’t keep your struggles to yourself. Instead, be open with others. Remember as well that a bit of procrastination can be one way to implement moderation, as long as it’s done in a healthy way.

Do this solo.

Eight of Staves Rx – Slowing down can absolutely be a solo endeavor.

Join forces for this.

Four of Cups – Just make sure that if you start to feel a downward tug on your emotions, that you reach out to others to help lift you back up.

Finding Balance Between the TwoLe Rêveur / Retard Interne – Self awareness is an important step in knowing when you can handle alone time… and when you can’t. If you have your head in the clouds, you may miss the internal warning signs that it’s time for a change.

What do you see as half-full?

The Judgement – You feel optimistic in the fact that you are on your right path spiritually and in your development into a better person. You feel that each day is a step on this journey and positive progress towards self-betterment.

What do you see as half-empty?

Nine of Staves Rx – It is nearly impossible for you to feel safe. Even as you work to tear down boundaries in order to connect more with others, new walls form due to feelings of vulnerability.

Finding Balance Between the TwoÉvénements Imprévus / Défis / Juillet – Keep in mind that your defense mechanisms are in place due to past events that have happened to you. Your responses to these events and vulnerability that you feel because of them are not unreasonable. It doesn’t make you a bad person to be cautious.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2022 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: What is humanity’s biggest accomplishment?

Untamed Mystery Tarot Illusion EditionReading Summary: Nurturing strength (Queen of Pentacles) with the ability to listen with empathy (Page of Cups atop Queen of Cups Rx) and take what they hear to offer inspiration (Queen of Wands).

Take Away: In these cards, the biggest accomplishment of humanity is its growing and expanding respect for women, their strengths and their power that lives not in brute force or avid aggression, but in  how they relate to others and bend the world to their will in the way that the wind can cause trees to bend without breaking.


Daily Self Kindness

I said no to helping do a security check of the garage and underground tunnels that are a part of the building.  They didn’t really need me and my hip was not going to be able to handle the flights of stairs required.

Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Dollhouse

Prompt Here:Pull (at least) three cards, and use them to tell us a story about what it would be like to live in a dollhouse.”

Black Cat Tarot - Majors Only Deck

“I love myself a good box!” The kitty says as the dollhouse is sat down in the little girls room. Black fur pacing back-and-forth to twine around human legs as she watches with interest as the two sides of the house split open to create a wealth of small boxes to explore. (The Devil)

As soon as the human leaves the room, up the kitty hops, onto the table to circle the big box with all the little boxes inside. Peering in the windows to see all that lies within, then circling around to looking through the cracked open side and she begins to sniff curiously. (The Hermit)

Soon, she’s exploring each room eagerly, and pushing the little bits of trinkets and furniture off to the side or knocking them out the fall to the floor out of her way, until there is a scattering of little furniture all over the floor and each of the rooms in the dollhouse is empty. (The Sun)

She then wiggles her way into one of the rooms, working her way in with twitches and tugs until she can scooch and scrunch and smoosh her way to fitting inside. If it fits she sits, after all, and she will make sure that she fits in each and every room. (The Magician)

This room first, though, she thinks. And once she’s in, she’s oh-so-very comfy, and so she decides to linger a while. Instead of moving on to continue exploring, maybe she’ll just take a nap and explore the other rooms later. (Temperance)