Contingency Plans

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Tarot of the Lantern Path - Two of WandsToday’s draw is the Two of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of planning, decision making, looking ahead, and themes to do with progress.

In the imagery, the woman seems very enamored with her plans as she looks at the globe in her hands.  This intense focus begs the question of what she might be missing by being so intently focused on one thing.

All plans go awry now and then.  Today’s card asks us what we are doing to make sure that we are not stymied by when things don’t go as planned.  Are we so focused on the desired outcome that we haven’t made any contingency plans?  Are we prepared to adapt and be flexible? Or is any small unexpected stumbling block going to cause a major hold up or cause everything to fall apart?


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 7th and 8th

Black Cat Tarot and Tarot of the Secret ForestWhere could you splurge?

Nine of Coins – No need to splurge right now. You have all that you need.

Where could you save?

The Magician – Time, resources, energy, and effort. When you realize that you have all that you need , then there is no need to push yourself so hard for more.

Finding Balance Between the Two – All the new stuff in your life and foundation building your working on doesn’t have to be introduced immediately (Ace of Coins). It’s okay to have to work for it sometimes, save up for it, and take your time instead of always jumping on the “go” (The Magician atop Seven of Coins).

What brings joy?

King of Swords – Lots of knowledge.

What brings sadness?

The High Priestess Rx – Lack of knowing.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Get in close with those that possess the power/knowledge that you seek (Strength). This requires getting in touch with what you value, and what you don’t, so that you don’t go after knowledge that you don’t need or that would be useless to you (Six of Wands Rx atop Seven of Wands).


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for September 8th thru 10th

Tarot of the Lantern Path and Haikyuu Fantasy TarotCreateTwo of Cups – Connections.

EvolveFive of Swords – How you deal with confrontation.

BalanceThe Star – Hope and optimism is needed for both of the above pursuits, and for your life in general as well, to create a sense of balance that you need. You lean too far into pessimism, and it is through consciously instilling optimism and hope that you are able to balance out those more negative tendencies.

What do you need to focus on for self-care for this full moon?

King of Cups, Eight of Wands atop Judgement – Get your ass in gear and spend some time with Gideon this full moon. He is in need of your attention to keep his outlook good, and you are in need of his to help in taming your inner demons.

What personal growth should you be directing energy toward at this time?

Temperance Rx atop King of Swords, Three of Cups Rx – There is no moderation needed when it comes to working towards improving your communication skills. Not doing so creates isolation that can be avoided by mastering communication with others, even when you are in authority positions.


Daily Self Kindness

I’ve decided that I need to get myself one of those sleep number beds.  They are fucking spectacular.  Not that I can afford it right now, but I’m definitely going to be looking into it.

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