Aspects of Self Lenormand Reading

Aspects of Self Lenormand Reading with the Binx Lenormand

Shifting MindsetShip and Birds – Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by all of the small responsibilities that come with the day to day running of your business.  You need to start looking at starting your own site now that you’re surfacing out of the depression and will have an easier time dealing with all that’s involved with this. 

Open HeartRing and Bear – Be open to the possibility of new opportunities to make money.  Watch closely what you agree to, and be protective of what you have… but not to the point that you close yourself off to new opportunities that could be good for you.

Soul AwarenessWoman and Whip – Keep in mind that when emotions run high, people often lash out in ways they wouldn’t normally. During these times, take a breath and a step back to stay calm and level headed instead of allowing their emotions to carry you away with them into a less stable mindset.


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