Furthering Your Goals

#DailyCalm with the Calm appToday’s meditation was just over twelve minutes long, and was another of the #DailyCalm sessions from the Calm app.

The topic of today’s meditation was about worry, and how there is good, productive worry that allows us to sort things out and act on what’s bothering us, but also unhealthy unproductive worry where we stew over things that we have no control over. It spoke about how to tell the difference, and how the mindfulness aspect of meditation can help us in breaking the pattern of unhealthy worry.

PlusPeace Tarot - Page of SwordsToday’s draw is the Page of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s thoughts, education, logic, ambition, and communication.

I feel like there is direction in this card far more than in the traditional imagery of the Page of Swords.  The sword in this card appears to point the way forward to greater heights, and that is where the message in this card lies.

Sometimes when we find ourselves ready to move forward and find our footing, we forget to connect what we’re learning to our overall life goals.  The reminder here is to make sure that you are doing that.  How is what you’re learning and the path you’re choosing to explore going to carry with you down the road?  Will it make you a better person?  Will it improve the condition of your life or those of others?  Is it frivolous and fun?  Does it have a purpose?


Mr Lionharts’ #TheAprilTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt
Questions for…

PlusPeace Tarot and L'Oracle Guérison de l'ÂmeThe Chariot – Day 10

What good opportunity is available to me right now?

La Lémurie – Your ancestors and guides have knowledge far beyond anything you could hope to learn in your own. Don’t be shy about reaching out to the to seek out knowledge or hesitant to acknowledge their influences in your life, for they are a part of your foundation.

How can I make the most out of this good opportunity?

L’Éveil – Give them the opportunity to rise up and speak to you. They are there waiting for your attention and acknowledgment, and eager to help.

Strength- Day 11

What awareness can help me overcome something?

La Claircognizance – The awareness that your intuition will not steer you wrong and can be trusted implicitly… blindly, without need to sort things through first. Where this knowledge comes from is not as important as shat you do with it and the trust that you put in it.

How can I grow within my strengths or personal powers?

L’Humiliation – Do not allow others judgements, jealousies, envy, or nay-saying words and actions to cause doubts to rise or to cause you to silence your abilities. You know yourself best and there will always be those who reject what they can’t (or refuse to) understand.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2022 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #2
Question: How will my physical health and the plans that depend on it play out in the next two weeks?

PlusPeace TarotReading Summary: You are hale and healthy (King of Pentacles). Stay on the same path you are on, and continue to protect yourself with strength and determination (Knight of Wands), and you will be able to reunite with those visiting just fine when the time comes (Two of Cups).

The connection of orange and red is strong between the King of Pentacles and the Knight of Wands, speaking of the solidity of the King carrying forward into the Knight.  The blue is then absent from the Knight, but reflects from the King of Pentacles into the Two of Cups.  This connection speaks of continued stability in the relationships with others through the continued stability in your own health.

Take Away:  The message here is to keep doing what I’m doing.  I’ve been taking the immunity boosters ever since J tested positive for Covid, and I need to continue taking them as well as making sure I avoid exposure so that plans over the next couple weeks will go smoothly when Ms B comes to visit.


Daily Self Kindness

I am once again playing catch-up with posts, and I can’t for the life of me remember what my self kindness was for this day.

❤️ Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Anima Mundi Tarot, Energy Archaeology Oracle, Binx Lenormand

EarthTen of Wands, Forgiveness atop Pride – Shit happens. Sometimes you over work yourself a your body is upset as a result. Sometimes money gets mismanaged or unexpected expenses rear up and you feel overwhelmed by it all. Don’t let your pride and resulting indignation from that pride turn around and hold you back from letting go of blame, whether that blame is directed at others… or cast upon yourself.

AirThree of Cups atop Knight of Swords Rx, Dreaming – Don’t let thoughts of “should be doing” take away the joy of time spent with loved ones. You can still get done those things you long to do, just do them with others instead of alone. Speed isn’t always everything, and sometimes help might make things go slower instead of faster, but that’s okay.

WaterTemperance and Supporting – Stop pushing yourself so hard and give yourself time to process. Emotions aren’t something that just always makes sense right away, and even when they seem to make sense, they aren’t logical.  You can’t just plow forward and ignore how you feel.  Instead, you need to give yourself time to work through them and support yourself rather than ignoring what’s needed.

FireThree of Swords and Worthy – Disappointments happen and are a part of life. They are not a reflection upon you. This is about Gid and I’s friend “N”, and the fact that he’s still repeating old behaviors I’d hoped that we had helped him to correct in himself.  Old behaviors that involve abuse.

I’m very disappointed and I’m struggling with my emotions concerning this. Honestly?  I’m just not sure I want anything to do with him anymore… and that just makes the disappointment that much worse.  These cards are a reminder that his actions are not a reflection on me and I shouldn’t allow myself to feel responsible.

WaningMice and Tree – Degradation and corruption of health caused by pushing too hard and doing too much. Burnout is a real thing, and you need to make sure that you don’t allow it to slide past a bit of exhaustion and into taking advantage of your reduced immune system to create health issues.

WaxingFish and Tower – Go with the flow for now, but make sure you’re paying attention. Look around and be watchful as you move along in the currents of time.

Take Away – There’s encouragement here to go easy on myself this week, and to take care of myself and my needs.  Make sure I’m focusing on the present, and on the positive, so that I’m not dragged back into negative inner dialogues and unhealthy habits.  It’s still not time for indulging in alone time.