Social Exhaustion

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Fable Hedgehog TarotToday’s draw is a double with the Nine of Wands atop the Three of Cups. Traditionally, the Nine of Wands is about resilience and boundaries, while the Three of Cups deals with themes to do with social revelry and celebrations.

If the Three of Cups had shown up on to, the message would have been that burdens are lessened when you let others help. But, what we see here with the Ten of Wands on top is that it can at times feel like “to much”.

This last few days have been extremely social, and today’s cards are a reassurance that it’s okay to feel wrung out at the moment. It doesn’t make the visit any less than, or you any less than either. It just means that it’s time for some alone time and rest.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheAprilTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt
Questions for The Sun – Day 21

The Pulp TarotWhat good has been set in motion since the start of this Journey?

Queen of Pentacles atop Queen of Wands – You have been able to connect more with your motivation and drive, and are now grounded enough to support this drive and see it through. You have the experience to carry yourself forward and support your drive, and the drive to move forward in the ways that matter to you and will help you feel more stable. You are beginning to be able to combine the two and work with them together.

What other good things can contribute to my best Journey?

Ace of Pentacles and Eight of Cups – Using good judgement to know when new opportunities are going to be something worth pursuing, or if you should just walk away. Including being able to identifying when something is too good to be true.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for April 21st and 23rd

Fable Hedgehog TarotWhat haunts you?

King of Cups Rx – The fear of losing Gideon. His obsessiveness helps in alleviating this fear, but there is always that niggling worry. That thought that you’ll do something wrong or fuck up in some irreparable way, or that something will happen to him.

What keeps you safe?

Four of Wands – Four walls and a roof over your head. The safety and security of hearth and home creates that sense of safety within you, and gives you safety in turn.

What guides you?

Five of Cups – You are often guided by your pessimistic tendencies and negative inner narrative. You already know this is unhealthy, and how to rectify the problem. It’s important to be aware that it’s happening, though, in order to be reminded that countermeasures are necessary.


Daily Self Kindness

I got some time with Gideon, and it was really nice.  It’s been a long week and I needed some quiet time with him to help relax some of the “starch” in my collar that all that Emperor energy needed in the previous handful of days.

Rainy Day Cartomancy Reading

Rainy Day Cartomancy Reading with the Cabinetarium Playing Cards

What emotional baggage am I holding on to too tightly?

Ace of Diamonds – That all of your new ideas for structure and stability are automatically going to fail. That the old ideas and processes are the only thing that will work for you, and thus you’re stuck in this specific rhythm of behavior and methods if you want to succeed.

What aspects of it can I let go of?

Jack of Diamonds – You are not a new hand at this. Let go of the trepidation and pessimistic mindset that can often come when you really want something to work. Just because your negative inner narrative says it will fail doesn’t mean it will. You don’t always have to take these new ideas slow and careful, and feeling things out instead of jumping in without looking first isn’t always the best course.

How do I let go of this baggage?

Three of Hearts – Trust others to provide honest input that can give you a more positive view and confidence that you can leap without looking at every pebble and grain of and first. Allow yourself to open up to new possibilities through the confidence gained by leaning into others thoughts and opinions.