Taming the Beast

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Sakura Spring Tarot - StrengthToday’s draw is the Strength card, which is traditionally a representation of one’s inner strength, skills at persuasion, and using compassion to help influence others.

In the maiden and the tiger that are depicted in today’s card, we see this inner strength and persuasion in the happiness the tiger shows as it is petted by the woman. There is no tension, as she has tamed the beast and soothed its soul.

Sometimes, we all need help in finding that soothing.  When we have someone in our lives that can provide us with that, it can help us through troubled times and gives a nurturing comfort element to what can be struggling and chaotic times.

Today’s card is an encouragement to recognize those that help ground you and give you that sense of peace, taming the inner storm and helping calm to replace it.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheAprilTarot Animal Guide Challenge Prompt
Question for The Hermit- Day 12

The Phantom Fauna Oracle and Sakura Spring TarotWhat can help me {better} understand what I’m currently dealing with?

The Mouse/Anthurium and The Puffin/Tulip – Gideon.

The symbolism in the animals (mouse and puffin) and plants (anthurium and tulip) speak of a combination of innocence, adaptability, long term relationships, and deep love.

When I am in subdrop (as I am now), I feel very small and vulnerable, and it is through my relationship with Gideon that I find shelter and strength during these moments. The mouse card is a representation of that subdrop and my feelings during, while the puffin is a representation of our love and relationship.

In what way can {more} time to myself be a good thing?

The Bat/Daffodil and The Duck/Magnolia – It can provide me time to explore new ideas and perspectives with grace and dignity. Essentially giving me time to process things fully, instead of feeling rushed and perhaps missing important details as a consequence.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Question for April 12th and 13th

Sakura Spring TarotHow confident am I in making decisions?

Ten of Pentacles and Five of Wands – You are very confident in making decisions, but you are willing to take time and listen to everyone’s input before making up your own mind in what’s best.

Am I confident in naming my boundaries?

Seven of Wands and Two of Wands – Yes, you have no problem making it clear where you draw the line and standing strong in your boundaries. Your “sense of direction” upon your path is unerring because of this. You know where you want to go and your boundaries are in place to help you plot the course and stick to it.


Daily Self Kindness

I spent time with Gideon today, even if that time was interrupted by tummy troubles.  It helped my day feel more cohesive and settled by having spent that time with him.

Aspects of Self Lenormand Reading

Aspects of Self Lenormand Reading with the Binx Lenormand

Shifting MindsetShip and Birds – Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by all of the small responsibilities that come with the day to day running of your business.  You need to start looking at starting your own site now that you’re surfacing out of the depression and will have an easier time dealing with all that’s involved with this. 

Open HeartRing and Bear – Be open to the possibility of new opportunities to make money.  Watch closely what you agree to, and be protective of what you have… but not to the point that you close yourself off to new opportunities that could be good for you.

Soul AwarenessWoman and Whip – Keep in mind that when emotions run high, people often lash out in ways they wouldn’t normally. During these times, take a breath and a step back to stay calm and level headed instead of allowing their emotions to carry you away with them into a less stable mindset.