Mercury Retrograde Self-Reflection Reading

Oracle of Mystical Moments

Mercury is in Retrograde from January 14th thru February 3rd. As the planet of communication, when Mercury goes into retrograde, it can often affect people by shifting their perspectives and abilities when it comes to one’s communication with others, including family and friends, work, social media, and more. Admittedly, I don’t often experience these affects personally, but I liked the spread. 😉

What perspectives need to be reviewed?

Mermaid’s Love – Take some time to reflect on your relationship with Gideon and just how well you fit together like puzzle pieces.  One’s strengths support the other’s weaknesses and vice-versa.  In this relationship, you are equals for each brings something to the table that is unique and that the other needs. Combined, you become more complete than either of you are when apart.

Ways I can work through any mental blockages.

Eva – Don’t allow yourself to hide away that which needs to be seen and known.  Secrets, especially those kept from yourself, are poisonous and can not just set you back but incapacitate you entirely, depending on what they’re about.  Pay attention and be aware of what you are hiding from.  Awareness is the first step to finding resolution and a better path forward.

How can I bring in more conscious thought practices?

Moondance – Work on that optimism that helps you see life through a more magical lens.  Only when you’re able to see the beauty around you are you at your best, and only then will you be more easily and with more confidence be able to balance the hard parts with the easier ones.

Ways I can be more clear and concise with communication.

Queen Bee – Be strong.  Be supportive.  You don’t have to choose one or the other.  Gentle your sharp tongue to provide a more nurturing energy that can lift people up, even as you remain strong on your boundaries and expectations.

What thinking patterns or ideas do I need to release?

Touch the Sky – Unhealthy alone time is awfully tempting, even during times when things are going well.  It’s that lingering in bed, those stolen moments retreating into the games on your phone, the temptation to nap when you don’t need one and linger in the limbo of waking instead of returning to face the day head on.  None of these are good for you, and you need to work at making healthier choices no matter how tempting those unhealthy ones are in the moment.

Main lesson from this Mercury Retrograde.

Like a Bird – How to balance your motivation in a more healthy way. You are capable of succeeding even when you’re not pushing yourself like some kind of slave driver.  It doesn’t mean you’re stalling out, and a slower pace doesn’t mitigate success or create stagnancy as long as you stay motivate to keep moving forward… no matter the pace you take to get there.


One thought on “Mercury Retrograde Self-Reflection Reading

  1. Unhealthy alone time is a no no, but you DO need to get out into nature…even if just for a couple of hours. You need that recharge, man. Just make sure you do it safely, okay?

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