Who’s Goals Are Those?

Today’s meditation was skipped for orders day.  That said, I feel like I might do a bit of meditation before bed tonight.

Michelangelo Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Ten of Cups, which is traditionally about finding one’s emotional nirvana.

On the back of this affirmation card are the words “Look Within”. This, I feel, is a very apt match for the imagery in this particular Ten of Cups. The female figure in this card looks determined. She sees the value of the baby, even when the baby is behaving badly. But, look at the face of the male figure in the card. It is full of doubt and even a bit of trepidation. He has that “what the fuck am I doing here?” look about him that makes it clear this is not -his- version of happily ever after.

Combined, these cards are a reminder to look within yourself and what you really want in life. Don’t base your goals and dreams on what others want for you (or out of you). Base them on what you want and what you feel is important. Living your life for others makes the accomplishments you obtain feel empty and can result in looking back on your life with massive amounts of regret. Live the life you want, and you’ll be much happier.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for July 29th and 30th

Seawitch TarotWhere do I need to foster more joy and happiness in my life?
Prince de Épée and Four of Cups Rx

You need to start fostering joy, happiness , and enjoyment in your business again. You have spent too much time lately seeing your work as a chore instead of the creative endeavor and outreach of joy and happiness that it is. Because of this, your enthusiasm for encouraging the business to not just sustain but actually thrive and improve is suffering.

How can I encourage that joy and happiness to flourish in my life?
Roi de Épée and Les Amouroux

Consider just how boring and lackluster life would be without your business to drive you. Sure, your home would be spotless and you’d get to explore a handful of projects that you’ve had to put off, but what happens when your house is no longer in need of more organizing and cleaning, and you have explored those back logged projects?

Boredom. That’s what. Listless boredom.

You need to acknowledge that the daydream of so much free time is unrealistic not because of financial reasons… but because it wouldn’t take you long to become bored out of your mind and stir crazy.


The Sacred Grounds Tarot Club Prompt
Questions for July 29th and 30th

Green Witch Oracle and Michelangelo TarotWhat is going to support me most with embracing the opportunities that the summer has for me?
Ten of Cups, King of Cups, Marjoram (Happiness)

It’s all about your emotions and tapping into them. Connect with the things and people that make you feel happy, complete, and secure. And, as echoed from your COTD activity for today, make sure that you are focused on what you need instead of allowing your focus to rest on what is expected of you.

How can I overcome the obstacles that I am facing to acknowledge and engage with these opportunities?
The Empress, Knight of Pentacles, Basil (Trust)

Trust what works. Nurture yourself. Get out in nature if only a little bit at a time. Good stuff can build up a little at a time the same way bad stuff can. That whole “nickel and diming” concept works both ways.  So give yourself small pleasures and moments.  Seek comfort.  Discover the differences that tiny positive influences can make when they build up over time.


Daily Self Kindness

I took time out on the balcony today with my plants.  I’m a little frustrated as all the heat has made some of my regulars (like the pansies and lobelia) die out this year. It’s just been too hot.  I did some pruning and dead heading, and then everyone got a good drink and fed.

One thought on “Who’s Goals Are Those?

  1. I love you man and the love that you are fantasizing about more time off. It might not be all that realistic but it’s healthy to dream. You are allowed

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