Judicious Boundaries

Today’s meditation was a little over fifteen minutes long and was not a guided meditation.  Instead I simply took some time to work on breathing exercise on my own, concentrating on my breath and on slowly relaxing one body part at a time from head to toe.

The Pri8m Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Nine of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of being battered and exhausted yet still upholding one’s boundaries.  It’s about courage and resilience, even in times when you aren’t at your 100%, and protecting those things that are important to you by “standing the line”.  Sometimes this can also translate into having one’s beliefs and faith being tested, for it is when we are beaten down and tired that we are most often tempted to let go of those things we would otherwise stand firm on.

When I first saw this affirmation card?  I read it to say “then they have served their purpose” (as opposed to “when”), and I think that this misread was actually important, especially in relation to the tarot card pulled today.

The thing is?  A lot of times we build up walls where our emotions are concerned.  Walls to keep them out.  Walls to dull their strength.  Walls to bury them under.  These walls are not healthy. Three different walls, with three different purposes, but none of them are healthy.   It’s only when we allow our emotions to run their course that we can get a healthy result.  That is what emotions are for… to help us learn, to help us grow.    If we aren’t allowing the emotions to come, to stay so that we can learn from then, then leave when that learning has taken place?  Then we aren’t allowing them to serve their purpose, and hurting ourselves in the process.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheJulyTarot #TarotSuitsChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 21st thru 23rd

Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle and Radiant Scales TarotWhat am I asked to overcome to embrace / support my best self?

Sage / Salvia officinalis (Purify) and Six of Water – You have had a childhood history filled with a myriad of experiences in pain and betrayal served up by those that you should have been able to trust implicitly. You can begin to overcome the remnants of these experiences through acknowledgement of where these remnants come from.  By remembering that they are a part of the past, you can then purify their negative influences from your present and your future.

How can I best keep focus on the things that are good for me?

Chicory / Cichorium intybus (Sustain) and Seven of Air – Stay the course, no matter who or what tries to steal it away.

This is about making sure that I keep my focus on the changes I’m trying to make in my life.  The healthier balance of work and rest, the lean into optimism and positivity instead of rejection of these things, the efforts to find a path that allows me to share my work rather than hoard all the work and responsibility for myself.

How, or where, is my spiritual practice strengthening me?

Sage / Sambucus nigra (Ritual) and The Sun – Joy is created through your spiritual practices and rituals. Not only are the things in your day to day spiritual practice supporting your successes and efforts to focus on the positive, but the larger rituals are also helping in fostering those efforts.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: Do acts of kindness always have a motive?

The Pri8m TarotReading Summary: It doesn’t always “pay off” as expected (The Void), but every act of kindness serves either a purpose towards balance (Three of Pentacles), or as a strategic personal motivation (Knight of Swords).

Take Away: So all acts of kindness have a purpose, which means they inherent have a motive. That doesn’t mean that all acts of kindness are strategically motivated, though. Sometimes that motive is more about trying to find balance either within ourselves or the world around us, and of course, other times it’s more selfish. And sometimes, no matter the motive or purpose, acts of kindness get lost in translation.


Daily Self Kindness

I spent about two hours out on the balcony with my plants today, just tending to them, watering them, making sure they’re getting the right nutrition, etc.  I also replaced the pansies and lobelia that didn’t make it through the 110+ F heat wave we had.  They just couldn’t handle it, so I’ve replaced them with a few plants I picked up from the nursery.

One thought on “Judicious Boundaries

  1. You know, in reading that first part of today’s reading about allowing your emotions to happen, to run their course and serve their purpose, in helping us to grow….that makes me so proud of you. Of how far you’ve come from those days living behind those thick walls and letting nothing and no one come anywhere close to finding the chinks.

    You’ve come so far, baby. And it makes me SO proud.

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