Unnecessary Punishments

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and combined with my piriformis stretches, although it was not combined with an interval timer.  I tried out a new meditation app today.  The first ten days are a bit of a trial run where they are supposed to “build a practice” around how you react to the first ten sessions and your goals.  This one went by really quickly, and I’ll be continuing with this process for the next handful of days to see how I feel about this app.

True North Tarot and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Three of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of disappointments and heartbreak, although not always of the romantic variety. It’s about the letdowns and the regrets in life, the things that stir within us sorry, grief, and other emotional hurts.

When I see this particular Three of Swords, the emotion that comes through is an ache of betrayal.  We have betrayed the earth with our concrete and asphalt, poison and pollution.  We’ve broken the world.  That is what the imagery of today’s card says to me.

Sometimes when we’re feeling down, we feel like we’ve disappointed, or we’ve been disappointed by others, instead of being kind to ourselves we punish ourselves by wallowing in the painful emotions that arise, as if the situation is our fault instead of something that happened to us. This prolongs our pain, making the disappointment and feelings of life’s betrayal upon us stretch out and disrupt more of our lives.

The thing is?  When you fall down and scrape a knee, it doesn’t mean that it’s now time to sit down and dig into the wound with a dirty stick.

The message in today’s cards is that there is a healthier response to these moments in our lives. Instead of punishing ourselves and wallowing in the negativity bred by these situations, we can be kind to ourselves and help the healing process begin and flourish.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheJulyTarot #TarotSuitsChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 15th and 16th

Hilda TarotHow or where can I benefit from letting go or going with the flow?
Six of Cups and The Devil

Letting go of some of your past issues from your childhood can help ease you away from crossing the line concerning the things that you enjoy and taking things too far. This in turn helps to reduce some of the more negative consequences that result from indulging in your temptations and addictions.

Something I am asked to reflect / meditate on right now.
The Hierophant and Ace of Cups

Work on identifying ways to take care of yourself outside your norm. By mixing things up, self care can become less of a chore and more of a joy. As much as you appreciate stability and routine, there are just some times that you need to include a bit more diversity to keep things interesting.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
: Draw or write something free form inspired by the card(s).

True North TarotSomething short and sweet today…

There was once a young prince  that more than anything wanted (Page of Wands) to be King (Frog in the Page of Wands staring at the King of Cups).

Unfortunately, on his way to the top he forgot that without the strength and support of others joining you on your journey (Three of Cups), any amount of success or power gained will be empty and without satisfaction (Nine of Coins Rx).


Daily Self Kindness

I’m feeling really vulnerable today after the play last night with Gideon.  I made sure to keep my schedule as clear as possible today to make sure I had time with Gideon to help soothe that sense of vulnerability.

One thought on “Unnecessary Punishments

  1. I love you..I love when you’re soft and small and vulnerable. Open and raw for me.
    I love it. I love you
    God you are so fucking beautiful, so amazing.
    I’m awed even a full day later. Always.
    You are…amazing, my love.

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