Morning Bonus Read – Body In Pain

Sawyer's Lenormand Oracle

Check-in on my overall energy.

Tree – Flagging and not particularly the greatest.  Although you are no longer flirting with burnout at every turn, neither are you taking care of yourself as well as you could… or should.  Slacking on your physiotherapy, eating too much junk, and not getting enough outside time and exercise are all starting to take their toll both physically as well as energetically.

Is there something this pain is trying to tell me?

Snake – You’re doing this to yourself.  Your betrayal of your body is all self imposed and the results that come from it are created by you and you alone.

How can I make it easier to hear what this pain has to say?

Fish – Stop fighting against the current and go with the flow.  Begin shifting and adapting to get back on track.  You don’t have to do it all at once, but you do need to start gravitating in that direction instead of just continuing blindly on this path of self destruction.

How can I release the harsh perception of this pain as my enemy?

Child – See it as a call to start again and refresh what you’re doing.  The pain isn’t an enemy but the result of bad choices.  By clearing out the old and taking a more youthful, open eyed approach to the situation you will better see your pain as an ally to guide you rather than an enemy to struggle against.

How can I support myself physically while this pain is present?

Mountain – Accept it as the fucking monstrous hurdle that it is.  Your pain is permanent, but the levels can be managed.  This reading is about how you deal with that hurdle, not eliminating it.

How can I support myself emotionally while this pain is present?

Moon – Understand that as long as your pain is out of control, so too will be your emotions. Just accepting this fact alone can help you in better supporting yourself emotionally, as it gives you a rational view of the constantly shifting emotions going on, as well as the jagged emotional highs and lows the pain creates.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Body In Pain

  1. I need you to take care of yourself, man. Not just emotionally but physically too. I need you healthy for me, beautiful boy, so I don’t have to worry about you.

    I love you so much, god just SO much I don’t even have words.

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