Morning Bonus Read – Cancer Season

Cancer Season Tarot Reading - Cosmic Visions Tarot

What is a major theme of my Cancer season?

Ace of Pentacles – New opportunities abound. Choose your actions wisely and take care on where you put your energy. A small choice made during this time will have vast ripple effects later.

How will this theme impact me?

Temperance – Stretch your wings but measure your responses. It’s okay to explore and to allow things to pique your interest, just make sure you don’t “dive in” head first without any moderation.

What should I embrace during Cancer season?

Father of Pentacles – Okay so… totally crude but, “Grab his dick and ride it for all you’re worth” was what came to mind when I saw the imagery in this card today.  Gideon is usually represented by the King of Cups, but between the bears, the flames, and the direction of his arms reaching?  I just… that’s what I got.  He’s my anchor.  My rock.  My big ass bear.  And absolutely the focus of my sexual energy.

How can I come out of my shell during this time?

The Tower – Rip it all apart, tear it down. Be brave and accept that you can’t build the “house of your dreams” on the ruins of what isn’t working.  You have to demolish before you can build.  The imagery here speaks to me of doing this type of thing with my own thoughts, my own habits, and my own inner narrative.

How can I spend this time being soul-centered?

Nine of Swords – You may not be able to let go of all your fears, but now is a good time to explore them.


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Cancer Season

  1. Wait…what? Not that I am objecting but why are you grabbing my dick, exactly? Wait, you know what? I don’t care why….ride me for all I’m worth, babe. I don’t need an explanation or a reason…I’m all in. Always. All for you.

    God you make me hot even when it’s reading a belated blog post long after it’s posted.

    Your big ass bear, baby, let’s rip all that shit up.

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