Morning Bonus Read – Monthly Key Spread

Hybrid Tarot - Monthly Key Spread

Key to Your Heart: What will Guide you to make decisions that are aligned with your heart and your truths this month?

Sun – Keep faith that everything is going to turn out just right.  Optimism and  focusing on the direction you want to go in will ensure that as you move forward through the month of July that you continue to head in the right direction. Hold on to the optimistic view that everything will turn out okay in the end… and you’ll find that’s exactly what will happen.

Anchor: What will ground you in the face of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and existential dread in general?

Rider – Keep in mind that every day is a new day.  You don’t have to carry all that crap with you from one day to the next.  Exhale and let it go, then surge forward with renewed energy and a more positive outlook (The Sun above) to tackle the new day with vigor and an open mind.

Star Wand: What accelerates your magic, creativity, and manifestation powers?

Coffin – Ride the change and allow your adaptability to shine.  Sometimes what sparks that inner creative glimmer and creative energy of manifestations isn’t about what’s familiar but in finding creative ways to adapt to change and mold those moment  to work for us even when within the grasp of changing tides.

Blessings from the Stars: The Universe has got your back – how will you be supported this month?

Clover – Optimism brings luck, so look up and let the luck roll in.  You’re being given the opportunity to “sweeten the pot” by fostering an echo of luck and joy in your life through the optimistic lens you seek to look at life through.  Don’t give up… good things are coming.

One Trick Up Your Sleeve: A life saving idea or inspiration for any unexpected challenge or difficult moments?

Cross – You have been through a lot.  Fall back on these experiences and what you have learned from them to help you through struggles or challenges this month.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, you’ve already experienced all the hardships needed to possess the knowledge and skills required to overcome what may come.

Emergence Pt 1: What is emerging within you / within your reality right now?

Heart – Finding “your place” in how you care about others, feel about others, and connect with others. This month will help you come to a better understanding of what you contribute to other’s lives, and how much they mean to you.

Emergence Pt 2: What are you expanding towards?

Scythe – Making a clean break. You’ve been struggling for quite some time to let go of old habits in order to make room for new better ones to take their place. You’ve struggled to find the catalyst that will allow you to truly let go. This card indicates that the epiphany that you’ve been searching for is coming and will be based in cold hard logic.


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