Morning Bonus Read – Intuitive Blocks

Scrying Ink Lenormand - Blocking Intuition Reading

Your current true self.

Heart – I wrote the other day about having one’s heart on their sleeve in a poem that was specifically about Gideon, but the truth is that mine is on my sleeve as well.  I may not flash as bright and bold, but this card tells me that I express my love and dedication to Gideon, as well as my care and love of others, just fine.

What is blocking you?

Garden – Social obligations. When you spend too much time around other people, you naturally begin to close down a bit on your clairsentience, as otherwise you risk sliding into overwhelm and ending up too drained by the experience. In other words, your intuition requires a certain amount of alone time that you’re not getting right now.

Advice to remove blockage.

Stork – Lean into change. You’ve been forcing stagnation in order to avoid letting go. You need to instead let things go and let the changes happen.  They’re even changes you -want- thus, the avoidance is even less helpful.

What is beneath the surface?

Tree – A long standing attachment to the way things have been done, and a connection to a spiritual path that you need to re-connect with.  Start doing the things you know keep you balanced and centered.

Divine guidance.

Man – Suck it up buttercup.  Grow a set and get your ass moving on the changes you need to lean into, and the spiritual habits and self care you need to reconnect with.


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