Morning Bonus Read – Caring For Your Garden

Caring for Your Garden Reading - Aquarius Lenormand

Crown: Where can I activate my power at this time?

Fish – Sometimes it’s not about resistance.  Sometimes our greatest strength is in going with the flow and letting things move at their own pace.  Success doesn’t always have to be a fight. Reach in deep and seek the strength to let yourself move with the currents and adjust to each shift and flow of change.

Arbor: What protects me but also frames and limits my perspective?

Tower – The things that have happened in your life have made you extra diligent and watchful, extremely cautious about the security of your home and your surroundings. This behavior doesn’t just protect, but it also causes limitations that can sometimes make you feel trapped.  It doesn’t mean they’re not important, only that you need to be aware of the influence that these things have on how you see the world and those around you.

Landscape: What is the background energy in which I’ve been situated?

Star – Hope as you move forward, seeking the light.  You know that the opportunity for growth and better things is there. You may not have found the right road to reach that horizon yet, but you know it’s there and you’re inspired to reach for it.

Rabbit: What is the most fertile ground for advancing my position?

Letter – This is a reminder to get my property tax paperwork taken care of.  It’s been sitting on my desk for the past four days and I keep glancing at it but not getting it done.  There’s a deadline, so… yeah.  I need to get that done.

Glowing Gold: What is the potential of this investment of energy?

Mountain – There’s a lot to get through and a lot yet to overcome.  Like all journeys and the hurdles involved, you don’t get anywhere if you don’t keep taking one step forward at a time.  Take on those challenges one at a time, and soon enough you’ll find yourself at the peak and ready to hoof it down the other side. Then, of course, there will be yet another mountain to follow.


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