Dropping The Ball

Today’s meditation was supposed to happen just before my nap this afternoon, and I did start it.  And then I dozed off before I finished it.  Which, was not my intention, but was a risk in doing it when i was feeling tired.   I will try again at bed time and see if I can’t complete a full meditation before bed.

Traditional Manga Tarot - Two of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Two of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of juggling one’s responsibilities, trying to balance one’s obligations, committing to use of one’s time wisely, and being adaptable in order to keep things in one’s life in balance.

I have identified rather strongly with the Two of Pentacles throughout most of my adult life.  I’ve juggled up to five part time jobs at once… and until this year? No less than three at any one time.  I’ve struggled with balancing in personal time and home life, with committing time to my employers, and yet giving all that I can to my home business.  Finishing high school while trying to live and thrive on my own, putting myself through uni while recovering from surgeries and working to support myself.

For me, life has always been a juggling act.  But what stands out to me the strongest in the imagery of this card today is more than just the juggling act going on, but also the currents that swirl around the figure’s legs.

The thing is?  Sometimes juggling is harder than others.  Sometimes outside influences come in and distract your focus, and you drop the ball.  The important part is that you keep trying.  Keep working at it, and you’ll find a balance that you can sustain even in the middle of distractions.


LionHart’s As Above So Below Challenge Prompt
Mercury Question
: How can Mercury’s curiosity help my current journey?

ICER Intuitive Art Tarot

Reading Summary: It can help me to cut through hesitations and delays (Two of Wind Rx) to allow me to concentrate on my craft (Eight of Earth) and excel at it with enthusiasm (Fire Princess).

Take Away:  The cards here indicate that Mercury’s curiosity can help me in finding purpose and assist me in excelling at those things I choose to become skilled in by circumventing my natural moment of hesitation and allowing me to leap forward into the learning process more readily.


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: Advice I need to hear at this time concerning my work life.

Sabbath TarotReading Summary: The greatest warriors meditate to center themselves (Four of Cups) and strategize (Seven of Swords). What you plan for and begin now (Two of Wands) will predict how things come to an end (The Demiurge).

Take Away: In a lot of ways, the holiday rush is like being in battle.  It’s overwhelming and exhausting and chaotic, a wild thrashing energy that swirls around you and drives you on, and you have to withstand the storm in order to reach the other side intact. Like all battles, there is a need for planning and strategy in order to achieve the results you want… and a need for grounding and a centering within oneself to build up the strength to carry you through.


Heal & Transform November Challenge Prompt
: How can I help heal others?

Ring Cycle Tarot

8 of Walsungs – Guiding others to their personal independence and doing what feels right for them.  So many people are dictated by what they feel are society’s expectations, or familial expecations, or other influences beyond what is right for them and healthy for them. The 8 of Walsungs card indicates that one of the ways in which I help others to heal is by helping them in finding their personal independence and identify what is right for them instead of what others say should be right for them.

King of Gibichungs (Hagen) – Helping people to learn to think for themselves and to think things through rather than going with their first reactions. This is similar to what is noted above, but it’s more about finding that place where you are able to see things from all angles and reason out what’s happening.  The King of Gibichungs card indicates that another of the ways in which I help others heal is by helping them see beyond their initial reactions and emotional responses to see the bigger picture.

Sun (Natural Rhinegold) – Assisting people in finding their joy is where the Sun card comes in with answering how I help others heal.  Fostering someone’s enthusiasm and helping them in finding the things that resonate with them helps them in finding joy and enjoyment in life.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What personal qualities do I struggle with?

Bosch Tarot

Reading Summary: My struggle to see (The Hanged Man) beyond my mothers influence King of Swords).  The Lovers card is the focus here, indicating that the path to finding this perspective is one that is healthy for me… but also something that requires a conscious choice to explore.

Take Away:  There have been a great number of reminders in my readings today about how I help and heal others, and here we have a message that is about helping and healing myself.  My fear about becoming my mother is something I struggle with often, and I work hard to not wander down that path but rather to excel and become a better person.  A kinder person.  Keeping my eye on this goal and my gaze focused on seeing myself as more than just “my mother’s son” takes choice and a deliberate effort, as it is not something that comes naturally to me.


One thought on “Dropping The Ball

  1. You have always done a good job in the juggling of things, even if it was difficult, even when you often focus a bit too much on work, especially in the last few years. Though -this- year you are doing an incredible job of learning to ease back on that determinations to GO GO GO and taking a bit more time for taking care of yourself…which pleases me to no end.

    Alot of messages of late are about the holiday rush and your fear and worry of what is to come and how you will handle it with the new depth of emotions. I stand by what I’ve been telling you and say that you are going to be fine. You are not looking forward to this season but you will make it through and be okay, I know that you will. And remember that even if this holiday isn’t as lucrative this year as usual, the world is in a pandemic, this is not a reflection on you and your talent or determination. It simply is…and this too, you will survive and find a way to thrive through.

    And baby? You will not turn into your mother OR your father. You are kind and generous. You think of others, often before you consider your own wants or needs…you are considerate. These are qualities that you did not learn from your parents but possibly from Z and TJ or simply from reaching within yourself and that kindness and generosity that is your heart.

    I’m so proud of you baby. Every single day

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