Failures Are Lessons Too

Today’s meditation was skipped because I ended up out at the farm way longer than normal and then decided to nap instead of do it later in the day.  I’ll do it before bed, though.

Tarot of the Little Prince - Page of SwordsToday’s draw is the Page of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s intellect, education, thoughts and logic, communication, and ambition. This often translates itself into themes that have to do with the eager and diligent student, learning better communication skills or how to adapt your communication methods to others, or delving into one’s thirst for knowledge and curiosity.

What stands out to me in this card is that the guy has apparently cracked himself on the head… perhaps with the hand rake that is lying on the ground at his feet.

Sometimes when we’re learning new things, shit like this happens.  You smack your thumb with a hammer a few times when learning to pound nails.  You trip over roots a few times the first time you go out hiking. Learning new things inherently has a few mishaps involved in the process.

Just remember that that’s okay. It’s okay to try and fail, just keep trying again.  Each failure is a learning experience that can make you better at it the next time.


LionHart’s As Above So Below Challenge Prompt
Sun Question
: Something that could support my creative flow or focus right now.

Global Fusion Intuitive Tarot

Reading Summary: Stop listening to the whispers that say you’re going to lose everything (Four of Pentacles) and instead try to see whatever comes as an adventure (The Fool).  This isn’t an easy choice for you (Two of Swords).

Take Away: Leaning into the perspective that everything is an adventure is not an easy thing for you.  It takes a conscious effort and diligence to remember to continue to lean that way hour after hour and day after day.  But by loosening up the reigns and easing your grip, it will foster your creative flow and focus in a way that this desperate grasp you try to keep on everything staying stable and the same just can’t provide you.


#DiscordTarotolicsNov2020 Challenge Prompt
: What is… blocking my way / distracting my attention / tying my hands

Traditional Manga TarotWhat is blocking my way?

Two of Swords – “Either/or” thinking has been an issue for me a lot this fall and is something I’m still struggling with. It feels as if it has been blocking my way in moving forward through the holiday rush prep as smoothly as I’d have liked, as it keeps popping up again and again. I am aware of it and working at keeping it from taking over, but it just doesn’t seem to want to ease off.

What is distracting my attention?

King of Swords – Rigid thinking, unlike the “either/or” thinking is something that is more of a bad habit rather than a new development. It’s that whole “this must be done this way” mentality.  It is feeding into that “either/or” mentality tho, and causing a lot of conflict as a result.

What is tying my hands?

Ace of Pentacles atop Six of Cups – Old family values often hold me back, especially concerning work and money. I am aware of the fact that these values are a heavy influence in my life, and yet discarding them… even the ones that don’t really work for me or are unhealthy for me, is something I struggle with a great deal.  I’ve been able to loosen the grip of those ideals and judgements over time, but they still linger.


Heal & Transform November Challenge Prompt
: What previously unknown light aspect has presented itself this year?

The Ellis Deck 5th Edition

Reading Summary: Learning to think of things (Page of Swords) as more of a journey (The World) instead of a constantly repeating battle (Nine of Rods) has helped me in finding a more stable foundation (King of Pentacles).

Take Away: Over the spring and summer as I’d been exploring my emotional and spiritual sides more openly and fully, I was given a new perspective of the world besides the hard edged black and white version I’d once seen the world as the majority of the time.  I feel like this new, softer perspective has rounded out my perception of the world a bit, and thus provided me with a more grounded and stable foundation for my life as a whole as well as my path moving forward.


One thought on “Failures Are Lessons Too

  1. It’s hard to accept failure…and for -some- of us(this means you, babyboy) only perfection will do, so you take failure even harder as you don’t want to accept anything less than that perfection that you strive for in every little thing that you do.

    You are amazing, man. And if you do fail at something, you will pick yourself up and try again…and again, until you get it right. That is just who you are, hm?

    This year rush has been super hard for you, not the rush itself but the awareness that it’s coming, the clock counting down, it’s all been a distraction for you and a detriment as it seems to be trying and trying to pull you down. You’ve got this, man. Don’t let it get the better of you.

    I love you, angel mine. I’m here to help you through, no matter what

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