Stepping Stones

IMG_2513Today’s meditation was just under twelve minutes long, and was a guided meditation on projecting loving kindness first to yourself, and then outward to others.  It starts out by projecting loving kindness to yourself, then to someone you care about, then to someone hateful and/or that you dislike or has hurt you, and then beyond them to everyone and the world.   You then reverse the process back the other way so that you end with again projecting loving kindness to yourself.

The first time that I did this practice, I had a bit of a numbing in the directing loving kindness toward myself, and I struggled a good deal when trying to project loving kindness to someone hateful. I wouldn’t have known this if it wasn’t that the projecting loving kindness to someone you love wasn’t mixed in, but there was definitely a stark contrast.

Interestingly, in doing the same method today?  I didn’t seem to have as much difficulty as the first time.  There was still a bit of disconnect with the self, and difficulty with the disliked person part… but it wasn’t half of the struggle that it had been the first time.

Steward of Stone - Majestic Earth TarotToday’s draw is the Steward of Stone, which is the equivalent of the Page of Earth/Pentacles.   I’ve been getting this card quite a bit of late.  It is traditionally a representation of an omega energy, personality, or person in the areas of finances, resources, manifestation, and the physical world.  That representation often translates into themes of financial opportunity as well as skill development and manifestation through skills one already impresses that are improving.

The appearance of the Steward of Stone in today’s draw has to do with the meeting with my financial advisor this afternoon.  We did some restructuring of my finances, and there was definitely a great deal of learning involved as I did some adjustments in how I handle my money and where my money is being allocated.  Some of the changes I made and methods learned about today will further my goal of manifesting that stability I crave.


#TarotForGrowthFebruary Challenge Prompt
: How can I improve my relationship with my community?

Queen Alice Tarot by Dame Darcy

Reading Summary: Continue to be generous with my contributions (Six of Pentacles) and providing direction (Two of Wands) to assist others in satisfaction and stability (Four of Cups atop The Fool).

Take Away:  Interestingly, the first two cards in this spread are the same cards that showed up in what my relationship is with my community yesterday.  I take this as saying that what I contribute is needed and I should keep going in that direction.  And perhaps stop looking down on my contributions so much, because they are effective even if not recognized by my own psyche as having worth.


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2020 Challenge Prompt
: Draw or write something free form inspired by the card(s).

Dixit Cards 10th Anniversary Edition

Once upon a time there was a lovely princess who was constantly in the public eye and being told what to do (First Card).  One day she angered a witch (Second Card), who turned her into a cat in a cage (Third Card). But, little did the witch know that when the transformation happened this provided the princess with more freedom (Also Third Card) than she ever had before, as this allowed her to secretly escape into the night each night to have grand adventures out in the world (Fourth Card).


Owl and Bones February Two Card Challenge
: What makes me want to scream? / What makes me content?

The Binding of Elijah TarotWhat makes me want to scream? : Chaos.  The drop.  I think this is pretty common for most people.  I thought it was very apt that this card showed up for this question.  It doesn’t really matter what the chaos is about, any kind of chaos will send me into a mess of anxiety if I let it.

What makes me content? :  Independence and determination for those things that spark my passion and drive.  I was expecting a different answer here, but actually?  This is perfect.  Because when I don’t have that sense of independence that allows me to do as I want when I want?  I definitely am not content.  It is even the very first line that I drew in the sand within our relationship, that need for autonomy.  I never really thought about it before, but…. yep.  Perfect.


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