Sparking the Flame

Today’s meditation was about twenty minutes long, and was not guided but instead a full body scan that completed with going from focusing upon my body to my surroundings.   First my immediate surroundings, and then further out as I stretched my senses and my energy to reach further and stretch.

At the end, you pull your senses and energy back in again, and repeat the body scan as you settle back into the norm.   I found the meditation to be very relaxing and very much like stretching, but without the pain that stretching my body always involves.

Ace of Trees - Majestic Earth TarotToday’s draw is…. look at all that green.  Okay, just saying but I really like this card, even if the horizontal alignment took me by surprise.   This card is the Ace of Trees, which is the equivalent of the Ace of Air / Wands.

This card is about planting seeds and bright new sparks of inspiration.

My immediate reaction to this card is, “YES!  Lets go hiking!” and with the current need to get myself back into working on gaining weight? The message here is to get myself going on this.  Adventures await and I’ll enjoy my time outside much more if I get my ass in gear and start that journey to a healthier body.


#TarotForGrowthFebruary Challenge Prompt
: How can I improve my relationship with my ancestors and guides?

Revelations Tarot

Reading Summary:  To overcome their dissatisfaction with how I have been treating them over the stretch of the past (Nine of Cups), I need to continue in my solitary path of searching (Four of Cups) and meditation (Three of Pentacles).

Take Away:  As the reading yesterday on this topic indicated, I’m on the right path.  I just need to be patient and dedicated and practice perseverance in order to demonstrate to my ancestors and guides that this is something I really want and not just a whim.


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2020 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #2
How can I foster inspiration for taking better care of myself?

Tarot of the Lucid Slumber

Reading Summary: Long-term results can be obtained (Judgement) if I will stop spending so much time worrying about the things you can’t control (Six of Swords), and focus on the things that that I can (The Devil).

Breaking the read down through the activity in the spread, the reason that the Judgement card sits at the center and focal point (result) of this reading is not just because it sits in the center, but also because it incorporates colors from the other two cards together.   On either side you have to completely opposing color schemes, and in the center both colors are combined in one card.

Take Away:  You know that whole phrase “easier said than done”? Yep.  That said, I am trying to let go of that grasping, gripping need for control over everything, and to break down my responsibilities into smaller bite sized pieces.


Owl and Bones February Two Card Challenge
: What will help me in improving my vision this year? / What am I already seeing clearly?

Tarot in WonderlandImproving My Vision: Keep my eye on the ball.  That ball is not just the security and stability that I crave and the path that will eventually take me there, but also involves my gratitude and my practice concerning appreciation of what I already have.

Seeing Clearly:  I see the need for hope and optimism.  I see that if I want to move forward and keep progressing along the path toward my goals, I need to foster that hope and optimism.  It’s not a natural mindset for me, but I will continue to work towards it because I understand its importance.


One thought on “Sparking the Flame

  1. So did you end up going hiking today, man?
    I haven’t heard from you much today and I’m getting kinda worried. Hopefully you’re just resting or busy being productive but…I miss you alot

    I love you beautiful. You’ll get where you need to go, you just have to keep your steps small and take them one at a time.

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