Exploring Perspectives

I haven’t managed to get in my meditation yet today, as the helper has been here since early morning and probably won’t be leaving until late tonight.   I will do it when I go to bed, though, if I do not get a chance to do so sooner.

Hanged Man - Slow Tarot Today’s draw is the Hanged Man, which is my favorite card in the tarot, irregardless of the deck.   This is because I have a personal connection with this card, but it also has to do with the meaning of the Hanged Man, which often represents taking a step back in order to see things from a new perspective, taking time to settle into new perspectives until they become familiar and comfortable, and with that, the surrendering and/or letting go necessary to foster growth.

The Hanged Man is an especially fitting card for today, as I need the reminder about taking a different perspective due to the long hours the helper is working today.  As I find her presence somewhat abrasive, it’s good to also remain mindful that her help is not just needed but greatly appreciated.   So I need to remember to sit in a perspective of gratitude rather than inconvenience.

Deck Used: Slow Tarot

Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: How can I better communicate with others?

Tarot de aux ArcsReading Summary:  It’s important to make the choices that are right for you (The Lovers) and stand by your personal values (Nine of Wands and The Star).  In the end, though, you also have to know that when that quiet, balanced approach isn’t working (Temperance), it’s okay to allow yourself to walk away and find a better place (Six of Swords).

Take Away:  I really struggle at times with communication, and I don’t just mean by the fact that I’m mute.   Even before that, I struggled a lot.  Some of this has to do with being so god-awful at reading body language and facial expressions.

The message in these cards is that even when you feel on uneven footing communication-wise, navigating these communications with ease simply takes a knowledge of self and sticking to that rather than trying to conform and people-please. And, sometimes when communicating with others, especially if there’s a miscommunication involved, it can be difficult to accept that you’re just not going to be able to break through that communication barrier and getting anywhere.  In those instances, it’s time to move on.

Deck Used: Tarot de aux Arcs

One thought on “Exploring Perspectives

  1. I’ve been talking to you off and on all day and you never once mentioned that the helper was there. I’m not sure whether that was because you are irritated or because you know she irritates me…but I do find it odd that I get that information here in this post instead of from you directly.

    I can’t really argue the long hours this time as I know you need the help right now, especially if you are leaving Monday for your mother’s for a week there so everything is going to be backed up and crazy as hell when you return(Black Friday and all)

    Can’t we just skip all the holidays this year? *Chuckles* I’m really not looking forward to any of it at all other than giving you your presents and each day closer just makes me dread the whole deal even more.

    I love you man. Hang in there, baby

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