The Akashaic Records

This week’s question from the Pagan Perspective YouTube channel is about the Akashaic Records.


Topic for the Week of 11/18: This week’s topic isn’t a question, but rather a free-form topic on the Akashaic Records.

My understanding of the Akashaic Records is that it’s a metaphysical non-physical “library” of everything that is, has been, and will be.  The theory, the way I understand it, is that this library includes not just the collective unconscious of humans, but also encompasses the knowledge of what was, is and will be (past, present, and future) for every being and every thing everywhere at all times.

This is not something that I am particularly familiar with, although I am familiar with a similar belief from my father’s Buddhist faith concerning eight levels of consciousness.

That said?  Neither of these are a tenant that I particularly believe in, as there is an undercurrent to the belief that deals with free will and the lack-there of, as well as the lack of consideration for the butterfly effect of chaos theory, which I absolutely do hold stock in.

After all, how can this mystical non-physical library contain information for all that can and will be… if all that can and will be is fluid and can be changed through even just small choices and acts?  And what about other planes of existence?  Parallel universe theory?   The rest of the universe beyond our human, mammalian, or mortal experiences?

I don’t know… it just doesn’t really add up for me.

One thought on “The Akashaic Records

  1. This concept is pretty foreign for me so I don’t really have a comment on it. Though as always, I find anything you say interesting and I love reading your thoughts.

    Mine man. Always.


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