Perspective On Change

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and was again done in the shower.  Mostly, I’ve just felt really drawn to needing a touch of quiet and the shower meditation allows me to find that space of quiet so much easier.

I know that you worry when I do my shower meditation that I’m sinking into that dark pit again, but sometimes…. it just feels good.   A balm of calm to ease the nerves for a bit.  That’s what it feels like.   And sometimes… I just need it.

Six of Swords - Slow TarotToday’s draw is the Six of Swords, which (among other things) is a representation of transitions and letting go in the areas of intellect and communication.  This often expresses itself in themes to do with moving on to greener pastures and leaving difficulties behind in the past.

The appearance of the Six of Swords today is a reminder that it is important to not always look at change with doom and gloom and dread, because sometimes change is a good thing and can lead to a better place.

Like most people, I have an aversion to change, as I expect it to always be a change for the worse, but the fact is that there is just as much positive transition going on in our lives as there is negative.  We simply do not acknowledge the positive change as change, because in the case of positive transitions there is a sense of seeking and welcome involved.  Imagine just how amazingly freeing would it feel if we could look at all change in that way.

Deck Used: Slow Tarot

Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: How can I better release my anxieties?

Distant Past TarotReading Summary: When my anxieties are getting the best of me, sometimes it is best to step away (Eight of Cups) and seek out the high road (Queen of Coins).  This is especially true when I’m in the middle of making important decisions (Seven of Cups), in which case a step away (Eight of Cups) and some time to find that place of stability and strength (Queen of Coins) can assist me in getting a better view on all of the choices available and making the right decisions for me (Seven of Cups) as well as give me the space I need to plan the next steps forward (Three of Wands).

Take Away: I kind of talked myself in a loop up there, but yeah.  Essentially this is indicating that when I’m feeling anxiety, it can often mean I am just too close to the problem and it’s inhibiting my ability to make choices and create a stable plan. If I want to release that anxiety, I need to give it some space and approach from a place of inner stability and strength.

Deck Used: Distant Past Tarot

Self Care Saturday (on Sunday)

As I’ve mentioned before, these readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and are not meant as a predictive reading.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?


EarthSeven of Cups and Abracadabra – I am the creator of my own destiny. When I seek to look into the future and see the opportunities available to me, tap into my inner knowledge and take the path that feels right, rather than following my intellect.

AirFour of Cups and Under My Umbrella – In the week ahead, I need to focus on allowing myself time to process my feelings rather than using my intellect to push them aside. Instead, foster my personal growth by being kind to that vibrant inner emotional self that I’m usually so eager to shove in a box and ignore.

WaterKing of Cups and The Gift – Don’t forget that that emotional inner self is a gift. Be curious about it instead of disregarding it as useless and shoving it away. By allowing myself a chance to visit with this side, it will allow growth and development that will allow me to better integrate that part of myself into my life and find balance with that aspect included.

FireStrength and Transformation – This is the only position in the spread that did not come up with cups, which feels it is saying that this message is unrelated to what is going on in the other three positions. At the same time, it does relate in, in a way. As with the topic of these cards resting in the fire position, there will always be an emotional response involved. This is indicated in the fact that the card that came up is a majors card, rather than a card from the minors.

With what’s been going on with my online shop at the moment, these cards are a message to remind me that I am strong, and that change happens. Even when change looks bad, it can be good in the end.

WaningVision and The Maze – I need to focus on seeing things in a light of unity rather than allowing the drop and the solitude that comes with the rush sucking me into feeling as if I am all alone and without support. This is a call for a change of perception… and stepping away from that darker place into a lighter, softer viewpoint.

WaxingThe Moon and Community – Step forward into my more social nature and allow others to help me. The holiday rush is a time of great struggle for me, and I need to get in touch with my inner self and make sure I’m paying attention to when I feel I am floundering and need help… then GET that help from others rather than biting the bullet and trudging onward on my own.

Decks Used: Tarot of the Little Prince, Oracle of Mystical Moments, L’oracle des Murmures