Keep Your Head Down

Today’s meditation was about fifteen minutes long, but to be honest I wasn’t really timing it.  It was a full body scan that went from head to toe and back again, and was incorporated into my morning yoga.   It was peaceful, but quiet and easy, and gave me a bit of variety in my yoga from the day to day that I do to keep myself limber and my joints cooperative.

Seven of Swords - Tarot of the Unknown Today’s draw is the Seven of Axes (Swords), which is a representation of leaps ahead and progress no matter the cost, strategic action, secret keeping, and getting away with shit.  Betrayal and deception are common themes under this card’s influence, and although this card can also indicate leaps of progress, those leaps are usually include the previously mentioned representations in some way.

When I see this card today, it created a spark of hope.  Hope that perhaps things really may work out okay with the whole Etsy debacle.  Because clearly, my shop getting the letter that I received is not the only shop to be running into this lately.  Maybe, just maybe, this means that it’s not as serious as it feels like?   Because the letter absolutely felt like a threat.  And I sort of felt singled out.   But perhaps that isn’t the case after all?

Anyway, the card gave me hope that regardless of what small infraction seemed to trigger the letter, maybe it won’t result in the catastrophic events that I’m so worried about coming to pass.  This doesn’t mean that I would be getting away with something deceptive or bad… but getting off scott free is still a lovely idea to entertain in this case.

The appearance of this card today is advice to keep my head down and hope for the best.

Deck Used:  Tarot of the Unknown

Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: What would I benefit from releasing in my life?

WTNV Holloway TarotReading Summary:  Now is not a time for focusing on finance strategy (Page of Pentacles) or emotional juggling (Knight of Cups with the Two of Pentacles), nor  time for playing at learning new skills for fun new projects (Page of Swords)

Take Away:  I have so many ideas and things I want to try both in my business and my creative passions, and so much exploring I want to do with the new level of emotion I started to discover in the fall, as well as the shadow work that is to come in the new year.   But, as swamped as I am with work due to the holiday rush (that is now in full swing), I need to be mindful that a lot of other worries and projects I want to delve into both in my personal and business life need to be set aside for now so that I can pour the lion’s share of my focus on the current chaos sitting in my lap.

Deck Used:  WTNV Holloway Tarot

Shadow Work (The Less-Than Whisper)

So I have not done all that much this week in the shadow work prep department.   The holiday rush has officially started and the “boom” of the beginning this year kind of took me by surprise.


I do have my books out, and at the end of December I will pull a couple of my shadow work decks in preparation for revisiting things in January.

That “Less Than” whisper is still there, the “pissant” word still lingering on and causing me some issues, but I’ve managed to set it aside for the most part and will continue to do so until I can commit some time and effort to confronting it properly in the new year.