Growth Spurts Through Enthusiasm

Today’s meditation was just over seven minutes long, because I got interrupted part way through by the arrival of the housekeeper showing up early.    The focus of the meditation for today was the “strength training” of focus and concentration that is done when you are meditating.

This theme is a build off the mention in a previous meditation in the series where the guide likens the straying of the mind during meditation and becoming conscious of this straying to bring it back to focus again as a “bench press” for the mind.

I like this analogy and it has really put the straying of the mind during meditation in a different light for me.

Page of Wands - Slow Tarot Today’s draw is the Page of Wands, which is a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s ambitions, drive, and passions.

The imagery in this card really speaks to me, as it reminds me of a time when L and I used to go out camping on the weekends with Z and T.  These camping trips were always super educational, but so much fun.  They are the beginning of my education on plants and the forests in the area I live in, as it was those two that taught me the joys of the deep forest and started me on my journey of learning about plants and botany.     I’m almost certain that Z did self-taught crash courses in the subject just to keep up with my thirst for knowledge during these trips.

These trips also taught my sister and I about survival skills and about the strength in independence.  We learned about the elements in a hands-on natural environment, and about reverent respect for the earth and her gifts.  Each weekend we went out into the forest with Z and T was a growth spurt of the mind and expansion of the spirit.

As I move into this busy time of year for me, the holiday rush now a reality, the cards are giving me a reminder that I need to take that spirit of strength, independence, and adventure with me into the chaos of the holiday rush.  Do not let the chaos weigh me down, but instead choose to look at it as a challenging adventure.

Deck Used:  Slow Tarot

Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: How can I better recognize the signs of manipulation?

Bottanical TarotReading Summary:  The beginnings of feeling as if I am floundering around in the dark (The Unknown).  This card overshadows all of the others in the reading.

Sesame is a symbol of good luck and immortality through resilience and adaptability.  When combined with the Three of Spices (Wands) and the other cards in this spread, it evokes for me that feeling of when you are in a group project in school that is supposed to be a collaborative effort, but the others are leaving you to do all the work.

The Lemon is a symbol of longevity and friendship, and when combined with the Ace of Crops (Pentacles) and the other cards in this spread, what comes across is a message of false promises and a “drumming up” of enthusiasm through promises of new exciting opportunities and potential wealth.

The ginkgo is also a symbol of longevity, as well as hope, and the attraction of opposites.  When combined with the Strength card and the other cards in this reading,  there is an feeling of needing to tap into inner foundations in order to examine if the “opposites attract” thing is really a fortuitous happenstance, or a recipe for failure.

I also am getting an intuitive hit off of the Lemon in its position in the forefront that speaks of “drumming up” enthusiasm and excitement, and an effort to distract you from seeing the weaker points by keeping your attention trained on the new and shiny.

Take Away:  Pay attention to when I feel as if I’m floundering in the dark, and look for excess enthusiasm and slight of hand concerning an effort to control where my attention is focused. Listen to that calm inner voice rather than getting wrapped up in the hype.

Deck Used:  The Bottanical Tarot