The Balancing Act

Today’s meditation was… well, okay.  Non-existent.  I didn’t meditate today.  With so very little sleep, I was worried if I did that I’d end up crashing.  I will be giving it a go once I head to bed tonight, but I don’t expect I’ll be awake for much of it.

Page of Wands - Slow TarotToday’s draw is the Page of Wands, which is a representation of a receptive omega energy in the area of one’s ambitions, passions, and drive.  This often comes through as themes concerning exploring one’s potential and sparks of inspiration.

I can’t remember what the message was for this card a few days ago when it surfaced, but what I’m feeling from this card today is an encouragement to remember the joy that comes with my business and craft instead of allowing myself to become overwhelmed.

At this time of year when things become chaotic and busy, it’s very easy for me to be swallowed up and lose track of the enjoyment aspect that is a part of this journey.   Today’s card is an important message to assist me in essentially surviving the holiday rush.

Deck Used: Slow Tarot

Bonus Reading – #TarotForGrowthNovember

Question: What cycle or journey is closing for me at this time?

Sasuraibito Tarot Reading Summary: Struggling with feeling overburdened (Ten of Swords) while telling myself I can handle it on my own (Knight of Wands).  Sometimes accepting support from others is okay (Three of Cups) while allowing collaboration (Three of Pentacles) to find a better way forward (Page of Swords).

Take Away: This is a message concerning my insistence that I can do everything myself and refusal to look outside myself for support and assistance in achieving my goals.  The holiday rush is going to force me out of this cycle by requiring me to look outside of myself for assistance in the chaos of the weeks ahead.

Deck Used: Sasuraibito Tarot

One thought on “The Balancing Act

  1. You know, I was just thinking last night, while you were so very busy, bogged down with the workload as the holiday season begins it’s crazy rush….that you should ask J and L for help. Your helper should definitely be making a weekly visit to help get ahead of things. You need some help keeping up with all the orders, man. And you really need to ask for help when it’s needed.

    The helper gets paid to do just that…help. L lives with you and enjoys the fruits of your labor so asking her to pitch in when you need her and when she can isn’t too much to ask. And J too as I’m sure you could find some tasks that he could help out with to make things easier on you. He does stay there most of the time and eat there as well, so helping out isn’t too much to ask.

    Just my two cents, and after last night, you definitely need some help from time to time just so you down fall under the heavy load you’re trying to carry.

    I love you baby. I miss you. God I miss you

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