Its Better Together

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and ten seconds, and focused on the concept of gezellig, which is (apparently) a German adjective that means a kind of thing or activity that embodies a sense of joy or peace.

The guided meditation started out with a very broken down mindfulness technique or the breath that involves first focusing on the rise and fall of the belly, then the expansion and contraction of the ribs, then the rise and fall of the chest, before then focusing on how the breath moves like waves through each part. It was extremely relaxing.

After this, it spoke about the importance of adding activities into each day that help to restore the soul. These are things that bring you a sense of peace, joy, contentment, or fun. I think sometimes we all forget to do this, and forget to truly appreciate these things even when we do actually do them. I know that I am guilty of this.

Today’s draw is another double without a jumper. It is the 11th card in the Major Arcana, the Justice card (with chimpanzees), and the Two of Cups (with seals).

Today I’m not going to bother with traditional meanings because I got an intuitive hit (and currently riding in a car which means I’m flirting with getting car sick by working on this right now.

Today, the Justice card is telling me that we are going to get pulled over sometime today (or some other event that is going to deal with an authoritative figure and reckoning).

The Two of Cups is a reminder of emotional support. It says that I may either need it, or need to provide it, in relation to the above mentioned event. I’m traveling with J today, so we’ll just have to see how things go.

Deck Used: The Animism Tarot


3 thoughts on “Its Better Together

  1. Though the subject of -us- doesn’t really make it here very often, with the subject title today, I really thought it was going to be about us. I definitely did not expect a foreboding of you getting pulled over for a ticket or something along those lines.

    I have to say that I am now worried and needing to hear from you to know if this intuition was accurate and if you are now in need of emotional support because of it. I’m also a believer strongly enough that I am extremely worried about you.

    I love you, angel mine. And remember, you are supposed to be finding -positives- in these readings, and I haven’t found a single positive here. I’m hoping that the positive message is to see you home safely and WITHOUT a ticket or the need for being comforted, though as always, I’m here for that. Anytime. Always.


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