Moderation Is Not Easy

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and focused on change and the discomfort we feel in moments of uncertainty.  This is, in fact, something that I struggle a great deal with personally, as I’m pretty sure the majority of people do.   It’s very rare that I ever run across people that relish the uncertainty of change.

That said, the meditation’s premise was not that we should be okay with uncertainty and change, so much as that as a part of life, there are things we can do to try and come to peace with it so that we are not quite so uncomfortable in the moment and can adapt more readily.

In the meditation, she likens this to “riding the waves” of change and asks, “what would it be like to loosen our grip. What if we let go of our agenda and allowed ourselves to become, bit by bit, more comfortable with uncertainty.”   The guided meditation goes on to encourage practice letting go in moments when you catch yourself resisting uncertainty and allow yourself to become more comfortable with it so that you can experience change and life with more ease.

But, in my opinion, this would be more like when you are caught in a riptide, rather than being likened to waves. You don’t fight a riptide, as that is how you drown. Instead, you are taught to relax and go with it.  Allow it to happen.   In this way, the water will release its grip sooner and you will find the surface (and air to breathe) more quickly.

Separate analogies aside, I like the premise and agree that trying to go with things rather than fight them can lower stress significantly in day to day life as well as in times of change.

Today’s draw is the Two of Wands (Freedom) and the Nine of Cups (Overconfidence). I’m going to outline the “traditional” meanings for these cards as I always do, but I’ve found that I get a LOT of intuitive interpretations from this deck, so my message doesn’t really fit with the standard meanings of the two cards.   Neither of these cards were jumpers, as they both came out of the deck together.

The Two of Wands is a representation of duality, union, partnerships, and division in the area of one’s ambitions, drive, willpower, and passions.

The Nine of Cups is a representation of fruition and fulfillment, culmination, and consequences in the area of emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.

That said, my interpretation of today’s cards was not based upon RWS, or even the words on the cards, but rather an intuitive hit off of the images themselves.

The message of today’s draw is that I need to practice a little caution and restraint in the area of my choices.  Specifically my dietary choices.  The cards are pointing out at it is important that I don’t get cocky with the few “unhealthy” things I’ve been allowing myself lately and think it’s okay to indulge all of the time.  Indulgences are okay, but only in moderation.

Moderation is not really my strong suit, so this is a very good reminder. I have a habit of letting small allowances get out of hand, much like that saying “give an inch, take a mile”.   This is true not just in my relationship with food, but with anything I’m passionate about.  If allowed to do so, I have a feeling excess would be the theme of my existence, and I think this is a part of why I am so strict with myself on so many levels and in so many different areas of my life.


One thought on “Moderation Is Not Easy

  1. I know moderation isn’t easy for you, especially with things you enjoy like foods, but it is a necessary evil. You shouldn’t have to do without the things you like as long as you have them in small portions, in moderation.

    Sometimes recognizing and adhering to that limit is rough, but I know you can do it.

    I love you man. Always

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