Inner Child Hug Tarot Reading

Inner-Child Hug Tarot Reading with the White Sage Tarot and Spirit of Cats Oracle

What elements of my past are resurfacing now?

Five of Cups and Listening – They never wanted to hear what you had to say or what you wanted in life. In their treatment was a systematic lack of acceptance that you have a habit of continuing to inflict upon yourself.

What can I do right now to soothe my Inner-child?

Knight of Swords and Gift Giving – Be impulsive now and then in letting your inner child have the things that spark it’s interest. It’s okay to buy yourself a stuffed animal or cute toy/trinket now and then.

Who/what is an ally for me right now?

Page of Swords and Courage – Those that have the courage and desire to speak their minds instead of begin cowed by peer pressure and/or society.

What positive mantra/affirmation is good for me?

Six of Wands Rx and Endings – Be yourself, and fuck’em if they don’t like it.

What further healing must I do?

Wheel of Fortune and Storytelling – Work on the mental catastrophizing and pessimistic expectations that habitually stir up with each unexpected shift and change in life.

What closure can I seek?

Judgement Rx and Manifesting – Remember that you manifest into reality through your thoughts. Thus, when you are a judgmental ass, it pollutes the positive results you are working towards.


One thought on “Inner Child Hug Tarot Reading

  1. I love you, beautiful boy
    I love the man you have become
    In spite of all those hurtful things in your past
    Instead of letting them beat you down, you used those struggles and hurts to climb your way to a higher place. A better place. You are….so good. Your soul is so goddamn beautiful that it just humbles me sometimes. I love you, baby. I’m so glad you are who you are

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