Finding the Positive Message for May 23rd – 25th

Narutarot, Commedia a Soggetto, Faunabelle Tarot

May 23

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long (with an extra three of minutes added in on the end of just quiet breathing exercises). The topic for today was about holding space for others, and how sometimes just being an ear and saying nothing is enough. Not everyone is looking for you to solve their problems when they choose to share them with you. Sometimes? They just need someone to listen… to hear them… to see them and what they’re going through.

The Nine of Cups is about emotional satisfaction and satiation, although you couldn’t tell it from the grumpy ass dude on the front of this particular card. In fact, he looks far from pleased. The traditional meaning of the card combined with its imagery tells us that it’s only through paying attention to what you have that you can find happiness. Whether pauper or prince, everyone has good in their lives that, when focused on, can create a sense of happiness and well-being. Instead of letting what isn’t satisfactory drag you down, seek out those things that will lift you up and wipe that scowl off your face.


May 24

Today’s meditation was 10 minutes long, and was about emotions and a defense mechanism that I am extremely familiar with and still struggle not to fall into from time to time. That is, the habit of locking down one’s emotions and burying them instead of dealing with them. My emotional intelligence is severely stunted from this practice, and I’ve been working over the past few years to not do it. Yet even now, I still end up falling into the habit when under a great deal of stress. The meditation for today encouraged opening up and allowing us to -feel- our feelings, even the bad and uncomfortable ones, so that they can be acknowledged and fade rather than sticking around under the soil to fester.

For today, Judgement is a reminder to check in with yourself. Bare yourself and allow everything to be seen so that you can decide if you are still pleased with how things are going on your life path and with the person you have become… or if there are some changes that need made to re-orient yourself. In my path, self development is an extremely important factor. Becoming a better person is part and parcel to where I want to go and the person I want to become. This card is a reminder to check in with those goals.


May 25

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and I remember -doing- the meditation, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about. The quote for the meditation doesn’t ring a bell for whatever the topic might of been. I -did- do it tho, regardless.

The Devil card is all about temptations and being drawn down the path of self-destruction. It is a reminder that there are fun things waiting for you, but you have to get your work done and responsibilities taken care of first. Don’t let yourself get distracted, and you’ll find your work done and plenty of time to play as well. Distractions will only cut into that fun time at the end of the day, though. Don’t let that happen, no matter how hard they try to tempt you away before you’re done.


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