Finding the Positive Message for May 17th – 19th

Creatures Tarot, Eternal Tarot Sun Edition, White Neuman Tarot

May 17

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and was focused on finding balance and the Swedish term Lagom, which means “not too little, not too much”. The meditation was a reminder that test and play are not occasional treats that you give yourself, but an important part of finding happiness and balance in life.

Today’s card is the Knight of Wands, which is often about taking risks in order to pursue one’s passions. It is a reminder that it’s okay to be careless and carefree sometimes when in pursuit of things that bring you joy, and light up that inner spark of interest and enthusiasm within.


May 18

No meditation today. I may try to do a bit in bed, but I’ll probably just crash out into sleep. It’s usually much better for me if I do it in the mornings.

Eight of Pentacles – This card is traditionally the “hard work” card, and is about putting your nose to the grindstone to demonstrate and enhance your skill over time. Practice makes perfect, and in the Eight of Pentacles there’s a theme in having put in lots of time and effort, and being prepared to put in that much more. For me, the illustration in this card shifts that theme to one of balance. The bear is an indication of the bears play that Gideon and I have been doing of late, and the balance in my life that that play helps create by giving me somewhere to be small and soft instead of always “on the ball” and “on task”.
Balance is important… and that’s something I struggle with. Today’s card is a reminder of how important that balance is, and how I need to allow a place for that softer side so that I can find that balance… even when I really want to just plow forward regardless of my own needs.


May 19

“The goal of practice is not to fall asleep, but to awaken.” Today’s meditation was eleven minutes long, and was focused on presenting a number of techniques on how to stay awake and alert during practice instead of allowing the fuzz of pre-doze to take over. It was a reminder that although meditation is meant to relax you, it is also supposed to help one find clarity, rather than the fog of drowsiness.

Justice – Cause and effect is the theme of the day. Be a good boy, and good things will happen. Fuck up? And you’ll pay the consequences. There is no waiting on results either, and that can be a good thing. No waiting means no guess work. Just true responses and true results.